Anti-Vibration Devices Between M700 Stacks

Continuing the discussion from m700 vs S300:

I recently upgraded from the S300 (which I enjoyed) to the M700. I love the deeper and expanded soundstage plus the deeper and more powerful bass on my ELACs.
Since I am space constrained with my system rack that precludes unstacking, would there be any advantage to utilizing IsoAcoustic or other anti vibration devices between the stacked units?

Yes even if you just buy an 8 pack of Mini pucks for $99 from Amazon.

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Thanks for the response.
I will do that and try some A/B comparisons with and without.

May not notice a great sound difference but separating the power supplies and the extra ventilation is more important.

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I bought IsoAcoustics Orea to separate mine. Four under the top one and four stronger ones under the bottom one. It made a worthwhile difference to bass depth and imaging. It was all a bit smoother, too. Fir the money I think it was a worthwhile tweak.

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