Any Experience with Curious Cables

The other two are both LPS’s though don’t have a piggy back connection. I doubt as small a company as AQVOX is that they are making that power supply the trick is finding out who was and if it is still available from Far East sources.

AQVOX does make everything in house. I have communicated with them extensively over the several purchases I have made.

And they are a German company. Heaven forbid they outsource to Asia :wink:

Been in contact with AQVOX regarding the LPS. No US version available as they are set for EU voltage. They do offer a step down transformer for use in the US market, but it is out of stock at the moment. I’d prefer an all in one solution, or back to the Curious Cable.

Ok, I figured it was a stock thing. When you purchase the US version, they include the transformer and it does not require and extra plug. This arrangement is still a single-plug solution. The only reason I would encourage you to still consider it is the lack of power traveling in parallel (at all) alongside the data path AND not allowing any potentially dirty power to come in contact with your DS DAC - which could be the case with the source sending the +5V power. The AQVOX is a linear power supply.

I’m not sure how high up the food chain you are going, but if you’re looking at server/streamer all in ones around the 3k price point you should take a look at the wyred for sound ms1. It has I2s out that sounds great.

I just might give it a try. I prefer to listen to one prior to committing. I assume you have one. How does it compare to other server streamers from a listening perspective. I’d also like an app that is straight forward for managig my library.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m somewhat limited in my ability to give comparisons as I haven’t directly compared any others in this range, but I’ll tell you what I can. I started out by running a gaming laptop directly to the DS DAC via USB and wasn’t very happy. The addition of a matrix audio spdif 2 took it to an entirely new level which Jeff has already stated and I won’t go on much about that since there are thousands of posts in that thread about it. After that I ended up picking up a used microRendu for really cheap just as a proof of concept test and was again blown away(increased clarity and separation, wider and deeper soundstage, tighter lows etc). After that I was looking very hard for a server streamer combo and was about to pull the trigger on a sonictransporter and aries G1. Right before I ordered, I saw a video made by Darko about the Wyred 4 sound MS1(somehow I had never even heard of it prior to this) and he did a direct comparison to the aries g1 and he compared it favorably. What really struck me was at one point he said that the MS1 when used as a server and a streamer together it sounds a little better than running his nucleus as a streamer outputting to the MS1 as a streamer. I’ve reached a point where if I can avoid the able ladder/game I would prefer to do so…So I pulled the trigger without hearing it in person.

As far as more comparisons go, I the MS1 when used as a server streamer combo outputting I2S to my DS Dac was another nice boost in clarity/separation, blacker background, tighter base etc as compared to the gaming laptop, microrendu, matrix audio spdif 2. Not as big of a jump as adding the 2 previous components(diminishing returns I suppose), but a very clear improvement. I was able to sell the matrix audio, the microRendu, avoid spending on extra usb cable and more ethernet cable, avoid individual power supplies for each etc.

For me, the convenience of a single box system that seemingly doesnt sacrifice performance at this price point and that had I2s output was the reasoning behind the purchase. It seems to do that very well. It is also robust in it’s software. I ran with roon for a while and have just started playing with squeezebox(both mostly using Tidal as source). Squeezebox probably sounds a little bit better(just tried it yesterday so too early to say for sure).

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Thanks for the insight. One question does the W4S MS-1 use a LPS or SMPS power supply. From what I can tell there is a 12VDC jack for an external PS. Interestingly Darko thought the W4S MS-1 was slightly better into a PSA DSD DAC with a Curious Cable USB versus IS2 input.

Great question that I actually meant to mention. It comes with SMPS brick. I have since connected an HDPLEX 200w LPS to the 12v connector and have had further improvement(not dramatic).

And yes, I had forgotten that Darko stated that. Fortunately, the MS1 gives you the full complement of options for outputs allowing future proofing and flexibility.

Considering the price plus upgrading the PS I am lean towards Aurender ACs10 or Innuos Zenth MkIii.

I’m sure either one of those would sound phenomenal, and if you don’t need/want I2s there is little to lose other than the extra cash. I’ll likely be taking a hard look at the aurender n10 or similar in the next 1-2 years. If you’re getting up into those higher price ranges, I’d also start looking at pink faun. They seem to be very highly regarded.

Jaguar Aduio Design just published this weblink yesterday for the Curious Cable Evolve. Not in stock as of October 3, but Darin anticipates having some available in a week to 10 days for those that are interested. I do have a Curious Cable in hand, just received it yesterday. Have not had a chance to install it. I’ll report results once it is in place.


(Manufacturer’s?) Audiogon List for New Curious Evolved USB Cables

@scottie1-Thanks for the link.I have posted the local Distributors website above but for some reason it disappeared. I’ll try again. I pinged them several times through the Audiogon link you refer to with no response. I have a Curious Cable in place now. Based on my initial impressions with it I’m seriously considering the Evolve. At present Jaguar does not have in in stock, but should within 10 days.

Here is a Link to Jaguar the USA distributor (Sole Source in USA?).