Am I crazy to consider spending more on a USB cable than my streamer?

I’ve been considering upgrading my AudioQuest Carbon USB cable that connects my Eversolo ME streamer to my DS MKll DAC. I have my eye on a used Stealth T Select that would exceed the price that I paid for the Eversolo. Is this a bonkers? The reviews I’ve read makes my think that this expensive cable should significantly better what I am getting with the Carbon that I’m using now. I’m thinking I might be ahead in the long run going all out on the USB cable now rather then working up in a series of steps later, especially if I eventually upgrade the streamer in the future. Is there a better choice instead of the Stealth? Maybe something at this level this would be wasted on my modest Eversolo.

Maybe more appropriate for the Eversolo and easy to sell later would be the Inakustik Reference or the Tubulus Concentus.

Go for it! My power cord plus USB is close to double the cost of my streamer.:+1:

DS MKII is a great DAC with a great USB input, and Stealth T-select is a great cable. You will hear the improvement easily! I owned Inakustik Ref before and there was no comparison on how much better the Stealth T is.

My Grimm MU1 lists for approx. $18K.
The power cable I use on it lists for $15K.
The Interconnects I use for it list for $28K.
The SPDIF cable I use for it lists for $5k.
What was your question?

Try to think in terms of having a high quality USB cable for the gear you have now, and for the gear you may have in the future.

The Stealth cable you are considering has a value that will last long after your Eversolo has been replaced. The AQ cable not so much.


I think this is your smart move: Sell your ME 6 and USB cable - Buy an DMP-A8 and HDMI cable for IIS with your DAC.

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I like my A6. Oddly, I haven’t heard much praise for the A8. I thought it would be a sure thing.

You are not crazy, at least you are in good company here.

What I experienced (in order of liking):
STEALTH Double Collar
NA Muon2
Pink Faun Interlink
Intona Reference
AQ Diamond

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If spending on USB is crazy then do this; spending more than double on power cords and interconnects is perfectly normal!

Excellent suggestion, guaranteed improvement

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Personally, I believe there is generally a point at which upgrading the component being served makes more sense than buying a high-end cable that dwarfs the investment in the component. If you believe your streamer is not up to snuff and you have the budget and resources to consider a better streamer, I would invest in a new streamer first.

OTOH, if you run across a great deal on a well reviewed USB cable and are planning on upgrading your streamer eventually, then I suggest you go for USB cable.

Most importantly, if you can demo the Stealth T Select with your current streamer and there is an improvement you find worth the price of admission, then its a no-brainer (provided you can readily afford the Stealth).

Hope you can finagle a way to try out the Stealth USB cable before buying…

Good luck.

You are all crazy for even thinking of paying thousands on a cable. Stop and think about it, it’s just a piece of wire. Please stop this insanity. I won’t mention my USB cable cost $6K and I will never give it up. :rofl: :crazy_face:


If anyone is interested, I have a couple of extra USB cables for sale if anyone is interested -
Stealth USB T Select V3
Stealth Double Tune


I own the DMP-A8 and think it sounds and works great into my DS DAC using IIS.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. At what point do you reevaluate and start with a clean slate. My problem is I really love the Eversolo. It comes with a fine app which is important to a non Roon user Qobuz fan. If Qobuz ever released their Play program things would be entirely different. Don’t get me wrong I think the Eversolo sounds pretty great but compared to what my MKll can pull from CDs there’s no contest. Hence my willingness to try other avenues to make it better, like USB cables. On the other hand, many here feel that the silver discs sound better even after investing in top level streamers Ethernet switches fiber optic cables and all that business. Maybe I should just be satisfied and let it be. I don’t know.


If you can afford the upgrade, and you can hear an improvement, and it makes you happy, then it’s not crazy.

All three have to be true tho.

Otherwise it’s crazy.


This is what I just did. I paid more for my Omega than the Eversolo combined with the power supply upgrade. But I do intend on getting a new streamer and this was in advance and deal was too good to pass up.


I just bought a couple of very expensive power cords. I’m hearing a nice improvement with my current set up, but part of my thinking was that the cables will be good enough (more than good enough, probably) to go with any equipment upgrades I make in the future.


Well said…


A voice of reason.


I have a general question concerning cables. At any given price level what would make a greater difference to the chain- the USB cable feeding the DAC or the interconnects? I am using two different brands of interconnect and both have a sonic footprint. I use 3 sets. DAC to preamp, preamp to equalizer and equalizer to power amp. I currently run balanced except for the last one because my power amp accepts single ended only. I use both brands, one balanced and one single ended, between the preamp and equalizer and can switch between the two depending one the sonic signature I want to dominate. Of course with a USB cable you don’t have the option of switching cables on the fly like you can with interconnects. The point I’m trying to make here is that there is more flexibility in tuning the sound with a interconnect change as long as you don’t change out the entire loom to a single type.