Any issue using garage hooks to manage power cords

Things are getting out of hand behind my system and as I am rearranging my instinct is to clean up the mess a bit, like not crazy ocd like but just kinda keep power cords away from interconnects and speaker wire.

Any issues with this being rubber covered iron?
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@Veneet - here is what I did to organize power cords. I then draped the SR Alpha NR power cords from the P20 over the bar and then back to each DMP, DSD, and BHK PRE to get them off the fooor and laying on top of each other. The SR Deltas (Sbooster cords) form an S as they move downward and the back up to meet the EVO3 Sirius strip mounted on the bottom of the wood bracket I made.

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You are my hero.

Do you have a welder and crap to bend metal at your house?

Any thoughts on issues with iron being used around the power cords / interconnects?

@Veneet - you order 0.25in steel plate on line. My rack is 21in to posts, so 21in X 3.5in. You then drill 4 holes per side and zip tie around the post. You then get 0.25in thick a 0.50in wide 3ft piece of stock aluminum at Ace. You then bend a rectangular “C” and drill 2 holes at ends. When you bend the aluminum, use a level as plumb so it comes out perfect, no lopsided. Then you transfer the hole spots to bracket (steel). Then 1/4 X 20 tap the steel. Then mount the C bracket to steel and paint. Took me an hour…

No issues I see… we have to ask the collective to weigh in on that one. Since I really pay little attention to the collective, I just built it…

I want you to know I picture you going to your shop with the theme from the A-team playing and when you’re done you are chewing on a cigar and saying to yourself, “I love it when a plan comes together”

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The design - fab came out great. Here is the design… easy, peezy… we should get approval from the collective hive… sheee don’t tell… I drew it up in VISO scaled and built it in an hour including 1st coat paint when the steel bar came and I hit the ACE for the aluminum. Make sure you use the level when the aluminum Chanel is in the vice as you bend it…

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Very tidy, love it!

Engineers love to design and build stuff…:nerd_face:

OK - true story… I wanted to extend my Deuce Coupe exhausts from before the rear axel to out the back with tips making to the bumper to reduce cabin sound. So, I bought a tig welder and taught myself to weld… I sucked at it; however, the exhausts came out great… some sit on the couch yapping and arm chair quarterbacking… me, I just do stuff… and love doing it… that is how I learn…

It is great to take the leap and do things, I did draw the line at actually trying to do electrical work like anything to do with the big scary fuse box that gets power from the grid, I stick to the smaller projects that are less lethal

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I have built 3 houses and tons of other stuff… I just read a few books and jump in… I love thinking stuff up… that is what is so cool about this hobby… you just try different things… wow, that sucked, or no shoot, that worked as you drag your wife over to look at crap she could care less about… yeah - looks nice honey…:nerd_face: you gonna get that cut looked at…:+1:

It says right in the owners manual for your amp that red rubber coated hooks will collapse your soundstage :grinning:


@RonP - why are you always saying what I’m thinking… :sunglasses: You are killing me… he should have ran it by the hive first… we need to go drinking… sux you live across the US… your killing me and we are not even drunk yet…

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Maybe blue then :grin:

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Shit yeah!!!

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@Veneet - a tough crew we are… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was trying to be helpful and he just grabbed the wheel… sorry…:weary:

Lol I ran out to grab the stuff from lowes and this is what I come back to!! All good, had to Convince the wife that moving the stereo around and helping me figure out how to do the wires was a worthwhile endeavour. I don’t think she bought it but she did humor me

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