Since I need a 3 meter power cable, and don’t have funds available at the time to buy such a beast, does anyone have a 'recipe that they might share?


Ok, here is the ‘Ugly Betty’ cord. It’ll hold me for awhile. 12/3 construction W/ferrite block.

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Not a bad looking cable at all. :slight_smile:


Ahhh, yer just sayin that to keep me from depression. I’m changing all the carpet to orange shag so it will blend in. :^o


Okay, so the orange cable may be a bit loud… You’ll just have to turn the volume up a bit to compensate. :smiley:



The fact that this cable is the same gauge as the dedicated line that I ran, makes me wonder if I wouldn’t be better off splicing from the outlet itself. Soundwise, I don’t really see that there would be a difference since this cable feeds a power conditioner in the first place.


Well you need a means of disconnect , that is plug . Couldn’t put more ferret core on there .



Agree. Safety first. I don’t think you would hear any difference as well.


The IEC IS the disconnect, just as the wall out is normally. At least, that’s the way it appears to me.


The ultimarte answer is obviously a single unbroken wire run from the breaker to the IEC, right?? :slight_smile:



I have actually done that a long time ago. Hell, if I were really brave, to Hell with the IEC and wire direct from the breaker ALL the way INTO the component. That’s right, I said it.


One problem with this approach is that the wire is unshielded. This matters most in the last meter or so as all that audio equipment can be very noisy and that unshielded wire is both broadcasting and receiving noise.


I agree. I am trying to find a good wire that doesn’t break the bank ( cable shouldn’t cost what it does in most cases). These days, noise is more than ever before.


@4krow My favorite cables are MG Audio Designs and they are a local Colorado company. What they have done for my system in Music Room One is nothing short of extraordinary.


I am confused, Paul. This is a thread about power cables, I think, and I don’t see any of those on the M&G Audio website. Which of their cables are you using in Music Room One?


@rlabarre It is me that’s confused. I read “cables” and just thought I’d throw my two cents in about cables - not realizing it was about power cables.

Sorry. ;))


How dare you…How DARE you?


Easy, Paul is (always) in a hurry and distracted. :slight_smile: Yes, it would be nice if he would pay attention and read a bit more closely at times. Ever notice that he can disappear for days at a time? I am impressed at his level of participation in the forums as it is.



Back to MG Audio cables, Paul. I thought you were using some very expensive Audioquest interconnects for Music Room One. Is it just the speaker wires you refer to?


For those of you that don’t know me yet, I am ALWAYS joking, not jabbing. I’ve been through enough that if I were to insult you, it would be at your front door, not over the web.

Ok, so the rolling your own can encompass a bit of making something your own, such as these new binding posts for my amp, or new/better mono volume controls and dial indicators that give me a better idea of actual volume setting.

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