Any ladies enjoying the hobby here at PS Audio forum?

On various other audio ht related forums there are a few ladies enjoying the hobby…

On one forum the lady of the house begrudgingly ok her hubby to build a small system.
Not long thereafter she starts liking the music and home audio…

Next thing you know she’s hankering after a dedicated audio room…soon after the room is
built…she’s telling her hubby gee couldn’t we upgrade this or that “they say” such and so
really gets better results…

So do we have any lady lurkers around here…
Please chime in tell us about your gear etc…

There were 2 ladies I know of …one BambiB extremely well versed in gear music and tubes
and which worked best in which sections of her gear…sadly it is very difficult to find any
references to her posts…they used to be very easy to come across.

The other lady was an “Elizabeth” with great insights as well…

So gals please chime in…

The two in the world I know of are Cookie Marenco and EvaAnna Manley :wink:


Somehow I forgot these highly accredited ladies…

EveAnna rocks. The only owner and CEO of ANY manufacturer to personally respond to products registration submissions, that I know of. Other women of high end audio and I mean by that the movers and shakers at the manufacturing end: Jennifer Crock of Jena Labs.

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I was thinking not of audio professionals so much, but rather; of lay-people who enjoy the aspect of home audio systems…

Women do not buy such ridiculous products

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I know. I’m talking about women in the industry who are grossly under-represented. This hobby in order to survive needs better representation of women on the industrial side to impose on it what it needs, a woman’s perspective on equipment design and manufacturing. There is a huge wealth of talent out there not being tapped. That must change.

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Ridiculous products you think? I know you are teasing …Maybe not but often times become honey can we dos…hubbies wind up doing the buying…

I never tease

My thinking is that perhaps more women are in this hobby…but prefer to spend their time listening and enjoying the reason for their systems than chatting about it…


Yes. That and a lot of forums etc.out there are simply not a welcoming environment for women.
I would guess that at least one or two on here are women but choosing not to declare the fact to avoid attention. I have many female friends (the majority by far of my friends) and they all at one point or another have commented that they avoid declaring gender whenever involved in"anonymous" internet discussions.

I might actually be Lady GaGa. (I’m not, I’m Prince Phillip, had a good birthday today but have to sleep a lot as I’m 99!).


Joma it never crossed my mind that this might could be so sad to say!!


This is my experience as well, and often for good reason.


Which is very sad…

I’ve rephrased the question. My wife’s Dad is 94, and a notorious cheapskate. When it came time for him to buy a new flat panel TV, he got the cheapest thing he could find, replete with the incredibly crappy built-in 2-inch speakers. Needless to say, when we visit, watching TV is a painful experience because 1) the sound is crappy, and 2) it’s loud because he’s lost his hearing and refuses to get hearing aids, and 3) he turns on the closed captioning anyway which is incredibly distracting because he can’t hear and the captions say the exact same thing the actors do (and include the foley, which is incredibly annoying), and then 4) he falls asleep during the movie.

When we watch at home with the DS Sr, BHK Pre, BHK 250, and ML Spires/sub, the audio experience is WAY better. So she appreciates the improved sonics.

But as far as sitting and listening to the music, no she doesn’t do that. She used to be a spin fitness instructor and had to make her own audio playlists (she got up to 130), being careful to get the right beat for the particular moment in the lesson plan (warmup had a different beat than the first 20 minutes, then the last 20 minutes would vary to crank cardio-rates even higher.) The students loved her as she’d run them through hell, but the music came by so fast the lesson was over before they knew she had driven them to exhaustion. So for her the music was a tool to get her class to perform, never a means to relax.

Shame, really. But at least our movies sound great!!


Just got an earful from the Spousal-Unit (SU)

Back in college she used to listed to music to relax, but in general women don’t spend the time to listen because they 1) have no time (Spouse, off-spring-units, cleaning abode), and 2) get paid less than males, thereby having less disposable income to spend on expensive audio gear.

There is time to listen while multi-tasking, but that means using portable devices (e.g., while shopping, using the gym, doing the laundry, etc.) But there’s no time to sit and just listen.

So Paul needs to host events where women are invited to sit and enjoy, continue the quest to get the products cheaper while keeping performance high, and maybe tailoring events that are inviting to college women and/or single women earning more than $100k a year.


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Miranda’s utility room :kissing_heart:

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Some kitchen…hmmm let’s see now; ridiculous products in the kitchen no less…
amazing :laughing: :grinning:

Does she let you use “her” kitchen?

The old adage …: the wife is the neck that turns the husband’s head… :grinning:

I have heard of ultrasonic cleaning …how about infrasonic cleaning?

Well, I guess I’m married to an exception to the usual female ambivalence towards high end audio. Anytime I see something interesting in the audio realm, she encourages the expenditure. She let me completely rearrange the “family room” of the house we use for audio with the goal of what’s best for sound reproduction. We listen together most evenings and she goes to all my audio club meetings with me. She’s even prodding me now to buy a more upscale audio rack and amp stand to better match and enhance our audio system!


Don’t forget Kara Chaffee, Chief Engineer at DeHavilland Audio. Also, Gabi Rijnveld, founder of Crystal Cable.

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