Any M1200 reviews due

That is so good to hear. I had to make some compromise, and the MLs got the most approval from the wife. It was easier to convince the wife after she began to appreciate her favorite music coming through the M1200 paired with the Definitive Technology BP 9080s. The B&W Diamond series, she just didn’t like those rounded shapes, and we never got to listen to the Focal Kanta2. But I actually wanted something simpler, less heavy or bulky, no cross over in the critical listening frequencies, and I wanted a powered subwoofers for the movies’ Special Effects Channel. It takes me about 1 year to break-in and to get to know the personality of a particular speaker before making it sing the way I enjoy music. Joey in the front office had been helping me with some PS Audio gear. Hoping everything will come together synergistically.

Thanks Paul

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Hi Manny,
BHK designs are so good, they’d make a huge difference in any system. Also, many reported that the new Stellar M1200s sound exceptionally good with electrostatic and ribbon speakers.

I bought the DS DAC in October 2019, and it is sounds wonderful, particularly with CDs which are the bulk of my library.

You may want to wait for a few months till DS DAC Mark II arrives. By then, if you decide to take the DS DAC classic used, it would be less expensive. If you go for the advanced MK II, you’d have a modern product that would remain in the top ranks for the next 5 years.

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The wives club has a hard time with B&W speakers. I use to have Nautilus 804’s and many thought the tweeters were karaoke mics! :roll_eyes:

The Martin Logans are going to be a sonic revelation compared to the Def Tech speakers. You will definitely be closer to the music then ever before. Just make sure you give the M1200’s time to break in and the speakers also!

Had that same problem with my 804D2s Paul.

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Thank you

That’s funny. I thought it was only my wife that misunderstood the B&Ws. They’re wonderful speakers. Spacious and slightly prominent mid-highs which gives them an airy sound.

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@paul172 I helped push you to join the M1200 club, and you now encouraged me to join the M1200 club. The M1200’s arrive this week!!


That’s great! I think you will notice the difference right out of the box but they will need plenty of hours before you notice the gap between 700’s and 1200’s start to widen! If you are keeping you your M700’s for 2-3 weeks after the 1200’s are in your system plug the M700’s back in for a listen if you don’t think there’s a big difference and prepare to be surprised! I can’t wait to hear your review! I know you’ve said it but I forgot what speakers you are using? Can you refresh my memory?


Sonist Audio Concerto 4.
Jonny Wilson has since closed down the speaker company. They are 97db efficient, so the M1200’s are not for their “power” but for the sound quality plus limitless dynamics. Female vocals, classical and jazz are where the speakers excel. Left-right imaging is good, front to back imaging is not as good as my old Infinity Modulus.

You will be very pleased if with female vocals! Anything from Patricia Barber, Dianna Krall, Holly Cole will sound more realistic then they ever did with the M700’s. The first thing that I noticed was female vocals on my M1200’s. You will be very pleased with Jazz and classical. I revisited some of the greats and they all sounded better and more detailed then I’ve ever heard! Miles Davis Kind of Blue, Dave Brubeck Time Out, Duke Ellington etc… I can go on forever but the truth is I can’t stop myself from listening to the M1200’s! I can’t wait to read your findings! Enjoy the music!

Not that it’s a direct measure of ultimate SQ, but didn’t the M700’s hold that mantle prior to the M1200’s anyway?

I still have the M700s and they’re still doing a good job. However, before purchasing them 2 years back people said you’d be better off with the BHK250 and it would sound more powerful. Basically they’re saying 250W pc into 8 ohms is stronger 350W pc into 8 ohms, but I went with the budget at the time. Even today, when you ask for opinions, people say go for the BHK 300 if you can, and you’ll get more power. Why is that?

I think it is just the extra headroom for transient power needs during playback.

Big linear power supplies, large capacitors and transistors :thinking:

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Yeah that doesn’t make much sense, the M700 makes 340w into 8ohm which is more than 250 or 300watts obviously! It will most likely outperform both the BHK’s in bottom end grip… but that would be about it, from midbass up both BHK amps will leave the M700 and 1200 behind. At least that’s been my experience listening to both M700’s and the BHK 300’s. I’m sure the M1200 closes the gap considerably but so it should at double the price of the M700, which in my opinion still overachieve for the price… especially if they have clean power and good source gear in front of them!

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Or just get the M1200 :slight_smile:

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Uh, watts are just part of the story, right? Current capacity is huge. Damping factor. Level of capacitance reserve. … Do watts double from 8 ohm into 4 ohm? Do they double from 4 ohm into 2 ohm? From 2 ohm to 1 ohm? Tells you a lot about the design. Do the amps struggle with certain speakers that according to the specs they should be able to drive? Do they shut down in protection mode when by specs they should be able to handle?

Also, some manufacturers do not spec to the limits. Just because they could spec X watts based on the measurements if they wanted to toe right up to the line for max numbers, maybe they are conservative and instead spec X/2, so that they have incredible headroom versus their spec. Lots of factors to consider.

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Yup, that too.

Next time, I’ll try something other than vitamin D this time :smiley: May be A or A & B. If the outcome suits, I’ll continue, otherwise back to D.