Would PS Audio consider upgrading the ICE Module in the M700 to the one the M1200 has?

I enjoyed reading the review of the M1200 here. Review: PS Audio M1200 Monoblock Amplifier – The Audio Beatnik

I was surprised to find out that the M1200 has an updated ICE Module which as lower distortion and flatter frequency response over the ICE Module used in the M700. As the cost difference between both modules is pretty small, it would be nice if PS Audio would consider upgrading the M700 with this better module for several reasons including the competition like the NAD 298 amp?

There is a big sonic difference in the 700 and 1200 IMO. There’s is also a difference in the physical size of the case and the panel for tube access so considering this IMO it’s not possible and if it was is wouldn’t cost less than buying a new or pre owned M1200.

I doubt that PSA will use the same ICE module for two different amps that differ quite a bit in price. I am sure they want to have clear separation in performance and price between these two models.

Knowing that the M1200 has an improved ICE Module as well as having a tube in the input section makes me want to really try this amp out. Its just not about having more wattage, but there are some nice improvements with it.

I have M1200 which I am very much enjoying. Yes, it is not just having more wattage but the the incorporation of tubes that separates M1200 from other class D amps that I have tried.


Would it make sense to upgrade the M1200 to the latest Purifi 1ET400A Eigentakt modules (Bruno Putzy’s latest) , put the ICE in the lower model?

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