Any M1200 reviews due

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I’ve really enjoyed all the members thoughts on the M1200s. But as Pandora’s box is now, well and truly opened, and I’m wondering about upgrading my M700s I’d also appreciate some professional reviews.

I know professional reviews need taken with a pinch of salt too. But nonetheless I’d rather read a few before deciding.

Also as an aside or unintended consequence sort of thing I was very happy with my M700s. However, reading about the M1200s has got me really thinking. And part of that internal dialogue is that if I am going to spend 6 grand on amps then should be I looking at anything else. For example always loved Naim kit but never owned any and they have a great reputation for power amps.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of PS Audio and love my DS senior and M700s. But at the end of the day if I’m replacing my £3k amps with £6k amps then it kinda goes without saying I should consider whether there are other potentially better options in the £6k price range.

Anyway, not deciding right away and gonna do some thinking. But some reviews would be helpful so what’s the story on when we can expect any?

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The problem is that there is often not a lot to say about these ICE, nCore and Purifi amplifiers. They are in more units than most people think. This review of your amps failed to tell much apart from a competitor product.

They mostly give varying degrees of good clean power. The other issue is that the suppliers in my market (Nord, Appollon, March, Hattor, etc.) offer a wide range of amplification, power supply, op-amps, so you can almost design your own. So it is difficult product to review when there are so much options. Nord offers literally dozens of options.
I suspect some people buy on brand, others on price.
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Alan, I have just received 3 M1200’s, they are replacing 3 M700’s. I am using them for my front speakers L/C/R. I was very happy with 700’s and ended up moving them to my surround speakers. I only have about 50 hours on them and for me they are keepers. As good as the 700’s sound the 1200’s are that much better, especially in the mid/low bass regions. I will give a full review when they are fully broken in which should be around 200 hours. If your on the fence about the 1200’s you could always order a pair as PS Audio offers a 30 day return and a great trade in program.


Thanks @stevensegal and @fishingdude for the replies.

@fishingdude I’m in the UK so the 30 day return and trade in programmes don’t apply. Any purchase would be for keeps unless I could find a dealer willing to let me demo them. And there are a few good dealers that offer trade in programmes but on terms less generous than the PS Audio US programme.


I waited to see the Stereophile review of the M700s before buying mine. They ultimately got a class A rating from Stereophile. I’ve had my M1200s for about 3 weeks now and the M700s were shipped back in trade about a week ago. I’m curious to here what the professional reviewers have to say but it won’t change my opinion of the M1200s. They push all the right buttons for me. The fact that I can lift them without throwing my back out or calling a friend over is a bonus. The fact that PSA lets you audition them for 30 days in your own system risk free was a huge selling point for me. At the end of the day, I think the only difference between me and the professional reviewers is someone is paying them to write reviews and they’ve listened to a lot more different components than I have, because they can.


Do you mean the m700s were shipped back in trade? You wrote that you sent the 1200’s back.

I did mean M700s. Thanks, it’s corrected now.

Ha! Talk about German efficiency :grin:

Need Google translate to read it. But found a review.

(and it mentions the M1220 more than once :joy: )

Spoiler alert. He compares them to 20k amps and says they do alright.


“The new flagship M1200 in PS Audio’s Stellar line sounds as if it never runs out of energy. The Class D MOSFET module in combination with the tube brings the music across in a very subtle and colorful way. For their price, the Stellar M1200 Monos are something special, if not unique.”

Das ist gut :wink:


very very gut and gutsy…ya…? :grinning:

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That was an interesting read. I’ll be looking forward to reading the follow up with a P3 and the amps in filter mode. I know PSA has recommended a P12 for my system but I just don’t think that’s in the cards for me this year. It’s amazing how little dental pays for oral surgery. It’s also amazing how much that can run! So maybe a P3 for me to tide me over.


If you were in the US, it’d be easy - try them for 30 days and see what you think. Particularly since you won’t find a Naim amp for $3K that will match what M700s do, given the absurdity of Naim’s pricing in the US ($7k USD for a 250? Get serious. And the 200 and 150 -with whatever XS silliness - are not competitive.)

HOWEVER - as you’re in the UK, you have the opposite pricing challenge. A Naim 300DR costs 8299 GBP (it is $14k USD in the US), and I think you have to get to that level of Naim to begin to compete with the M1200s (based on hearing the M700s vs the 250DR).

And as I’m sure you are already well aware, system matching is important, and it’s why I didn’t keep the M700s - a different power amp just fit my system better.

Finally: Your general point is well taken - prior to spending 6K GBP on a power amp, you certainly should consider the alternatives. Good luck!

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Thanks Robert,

That’s a really useful data point.

I suspect that as I love M700s, I could just step up to the M1200s and would probably be pleased as punch. But there’s always that “what if” factor that can drive us to distraction in this crazy hobby of ours.


Yes, of course, always that doubt. However, I can tell you with little doubt that if you enjoy the M700s you’ll swoon over the M1200s. Guaranteed. They have the same flavor characteristic but the 1200s are just sooooo much better. Hard to go wrong. Really.

I’d have to agree. Never thought I’d part with my M700s. Then I read about the M1200s. As Paul says, they are similar in character but much better in every way. I knew within a couple days they were staying in my system. Over time they’ve gotten better and better. The changes now, after 3 weeks are either small or my imagination. Super amps, and while not cheap, I think they’re a bargain in comparison.

Thanks @Paul and @davidnapo,

FWIW I had absolutely zero intention of replacing my M700s until I read about the existence of the M1200s. But once that knowledge bubbled into my brain it’s safe to say that Pandora’s box was open!


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I’m in the same camp.
I just love the sound of the BHK Pre and M700 combo, with the stability of solid state and never having to replace a tube in the amp. The system is just so musical, so wonderful (and I have been (and still support) the all tube preamp and all tube poweramp fanatics club). And at the same time, and prior to reading any reviews, the concept of an M1200 seemed like it could be “the” destination amp for me. The early reviews have just reinforced that notion…

Traded in Nord One Up mono amps which are in direct competition with the M1200’s and I am very satisfied once you get some hours on them its all wine and roses

Just placed my order for the 1200’s. I’ve been using a NAD M22 for quite some time - even liked it over the 700’s (Sorry!). That said, power on top, tube input, and supposed removal of high frequency jumps on the 1200AS2 boards vs other Ice Power models have me very excited about changing it up.

I’m betting you will be happy. As Darren put it to me, “The 1200 ICE units ‘play’ the tube input stage”. Mullard 12AU7s are creamy.

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