Any M1200 reviews due

Im breaking in new M1200 and BHK pre for the last 2 weeks…im loving them both
Thank you


@gd7288 i’m getting sq improvements a year later, enjoy!

What a terrific combination. As musical as it gets. Thanks for sharing.

Gift that keeps on giving
Will have 400 hrs of burn in on bhk on Saturday
Exited to explore the trigger connections to the mk1200’s


My M1200’s driven by my BHK Pre make my Magnepan 1.7i’s sing beautifully!!!


HiFi News reviewed the M1200s in 2021 very effusively. Totally smitten.

My only concern is that reviewers tend to not tube roll. The stock amplifier is great but with the right tube and power cable is totally awesome magnificent.

I’m driving my M1200s with the Doge 8 Clarity preamplifier. A real sleeper cheapy from China but you have to use the right tubes, again.

The lodspeakers are these Chinese heavyweights with ribbon tweeters (front and back). Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme. I wsa using an Australian designed and manufactured power amplifier putting out 600W a channel into 4 Ohms. The Aussie SS power amplifier was the closest to tubes we’d had in our system until the M1200s arrived.



With the CJ tube preamp in my system feeding the M1200’s, there is no need to tube roll. With instruments sounding THAT real, I am extremely happy with the stock tubes in my modest system. With that said, I do have Mullards that I will try one of these days, lol.

It’s been awhile. I wanted jump back in and let the community know that a full two years after my review for Positive-Feeback, I’m still completely smitten with the M1200’s. I’ve been tweaking and upgrading nearly everything in my system and these amps reveal even the most subtle changes. It just keeps getting better and better. For my parsimonious pals, here is my short list of the very best, affordable tweaks for the M1200:

  1. Herbies Ultrasonix RX Tube Damper. Properly applied, the only tube damper I’ve found that does its job without sucking the life out of the sound.

  2. Golden Lion 12AU7 tubes - Get top grade, cryo-treated from Upscale Audio. The tube rolling continues, but these are a sure thing. I don’t think I can beat them for anywhere near the price.

  3. Ice Age Audio - Copper/copper OFC, cryo-treated power cords. Only $116.00 and they are stupid good at 4X the price. Adds a little warmth and heft to the bottom end and great soundstaging.

  4. Acme Audio Labs Silver Cryo fuses. They are only $22 each and they perform as well, or better than some very expensive fuses I’ve tried. Of course you need to get the same value as used in the ICE module and you could possibly create a warranty problem for yourself, but for a mere 44 dollars you just can’t go wrong with these.

Enjoy mates and a very happy holiday season to you all.



Is the fuse box hidden inside? I did not find a fuse access in the back of M1200.

The fuse is slightly buried on the densely packed circuit board of the ICE module itself. You have to disassemble the top of the casework to get inside. It’s a bit of a trick to reassemble the two part power switch when reassembling the case. Replacing the factory fuse voids the warranty, ICEpower is emphatic about that point on their website.

Thanks! I’ll leave it alone for the time being.

I deleted my comment, as I realized you asked “fuse” and not “tubes”, lol

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