Any M1200 reviews due

I’m sure I’ve commented on this in another post where I reviewed my M1200s after they broke in. Weight! I lusted after Mark Levinson amps for years. Now that I could afford them (used) I’m 60 years old. BHKs are 83 pounds a piece! M1200s are 27 pounds each. I can easily pick those up and move them to dust. BHKs, I’d need some help. I’m sure the BHKs do some wonderful things. The M1200s sound wonderful to me. I’ve never heard BHKs so I don’t know what I’m missing and that’s OK. Something manageable into my senior years, like the M1200s, was an amp configuration I didn’t think existed. Something that sounds good, won’t break the bank and doesn’t break your back.


Curious: Do most here stack their 700s or 1200s?

I do not. Always worry that the bottom one will get hotter than the top one and that strikes me as a potential for negative outcome.

I stack my 700s. I don’t have any other way to set them up.

I have a pair of M700s. Side by side with isolator feet, sound stage is more spacious and better defined. The M700s benefitted from power plant big time because their power supplies and caps are not the type used on the BHK series.

I had my M700s side by side when I had them and the M1200s are also side by side. I’d be curious what isolation feet folks are using that’s making a difference for them. My wife is always looking for stocking stuffer ideas this time of year.

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Most system pictures I see and most folks I chat with have them side by side. It’s OK to stack them, but if the space is available, I’d separate them.

Have my M700s separate and close to speaker to have speaker wires as short as possible (cut my 4m speaker wire to 2m for bi wiring) Balanced XLR to the preamp (SGCD). All are on P12.


I think you may have hit a novel new Web Channel idea: reviewing stereo equipment by weighing it. Please understand that I’m not making fun of you, it just popped into my head as a funny idea. I picture the reviewer receiving sample gear and weighing it. Then discussing the weight as packaged vs unpackaged and checking that against the published specs. Of course there would be deep discussions about the type of scale used and the units of measure. A deeper analysis would compute weight vs size metrics and create density factor. Debates would be focused on whether denser models are better than less dense models.

I swapped out my amplifier last year, before buying the DS DAC and didn’t really hear an appreciable difference–certainly not like I got from buying the DS DAC. So, convenience may be as important as any other factor. After my P12 arrives, it’ll be a while before I have more money to spend on gear anyway.

Obviously weight was not my primary consideration but as equipment gets heavier I always worry about nicking the units when moving them or worse, nicking the custom oak cabinet they’re in.

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By the way, I picked up a P12 a couple months ago and it made a big difference in the sound. Hopefully you’ll like yours as well.

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I got 8 old AudioQuest large sotbothane feet that have been around since the 90s lying in a plastic bag. 4 under the body of each amp. I think the M1200 may benefit from isolation or tube dampers because it has a horizontal tube. AudioQuest modern Sorbothane feet are tiny. You may look at IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini Modular Solution for Acoustic Isolation (8-Pack) for $100. Or you could take 2 large ones for $60.
4 small ones can carry 24 lbs. 4 large ones can handle 80 lbs.

Check the Marketplace here on the Ps forum.
I’m selling my Silver pair of M1200 mono amps that were purchased factory direct in July 2020 and the remainder of the 3 year warranty IS transferrable !!
Tom - NJ

Scary thing, I’d probably subscribe to that channel!

These are great with performance specs and cheap relative to AQ selections. Few hifi companies will give one a performance curve by Freq spec. If good for optics countering vibration. I just ordered a set for my P20 already have some on my monoblocks and DSD.

These seem to be a good option.

Yes I was playing some moderate volume music with Timpani drum slams felt the P20 case lid vibrating feels like at least a 1/16 inch felt my monoblocks on same rack and shelf absolutely still. I am sure it will do wonders on P20 which is slightly lighter than my monos. I bought some sheets for all my streaming gear.

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Hi, I’m curious to know what difference it made putting the P12 into your system? I have had the M1200 in my system since June and they are driving my Piega speakers. I really dont miss anything in my system regarding dynamics, soundstage and openness. Obviously you get bether protection againts spikes and over/under voltage, but question is if a regenerator like the P12 will improve the sound… its a lot of money :slight_smile:

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Hey eral63

The P12 will be the single major upgrade improver of you system’s sound quality
bar none!!

Akin to having a bad batch of gas in the car causing your engine to stumble
rough idle at traffic lights ie unregenerated power vs a smooth peppy responsive
engine ie regenerated power…

This is my experience with them. While true they are expensive…the results
will more than amaze you and please you for sure !!

Happy trails

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Hi davida,

Thanks, this made me curious enogh to contact the Norwegian PS Audio dealer and ask if I could have a P12 home for test.

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