Any readers here? Whatcha reading right now?

Yes Elk…Out of all the translations available…KJV is my favorite!

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Dervla Murphy is one my favorite travel writers. Always delivers her accounts with droll Irish wit.

Winner of the Man Booker prize. A fascinating read.


I tried to read it. I wanted to like it. It just wasn’t for me. It’s weird how that works with books.

It is not an easy read. Many, many characters and an odd presentation.

I normally enjoy a difficult read. My next books are Cormac McCarthy’s last two. I have heard they are challenging as well. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood when I attempted it. I’ll think about giving it another go.

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“There is a fine Jewish proverb,” he said in his acceptance speech: “Man thinks, God laughs.” And then a fine Kunderian flourish:

“But why does God laugh? Because man thinks, and the truth escapes him. Because the more men think, the more one man’s thought diverges from another’s. And finally, because man is never what he thinks he is.”


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I second Peter Attia’s book.

A longtime follower, I was both fascinated and thankful that he finally finished the book. His focus has changed somewhat over the years, and the end chapters were not at all what I had expected.


A fascinating book about how a classic movie came together. I especially liked how the special effects were developed. One thing I like is how this movie used some actors who were mostly unknown, and had not been type-cast yet. I wish they had done this with the 2021 Dune movie for the supporting actors playing Duncan and Gurney. Sorry, I digress. A very enjoyable book.


I need to read this book. I’ve listened to Sammon’s commentary track on the Blade Runner Workprint and found it very interesting.

Just finished this. An amazing read!

The effects are stunning, especially considering it was pre-CGI. There is some spectacular CGI, but still, it doesn’t look realistic to me most of the time. Objects don’t move as I would expect real objects to move, which is weird, considering objects in Bladerunner are computer controlled.