Neil Young/Chris Baker "Feel The Music"

A good read and storytelling by both Authors but no mention anywhere about DSD. Major shots abound at MQA’s Bob Stuart. I think in all honesty as much as I love Neil Young’s back catalogue and his attitude (I’ve been accused many times as well as being a “Nasty Canadian” as well). He either missed the Boat on DSD back in the early 2000’s or Warner Records was anti DSD (Sony/CBS) and he couldn’t even if he KNEW it was the better of the two “Hi Resolution” Contenders at the time.

Halfway through the book. Any thoughts ? Anyone else get a copy ?

I haven’t read the book, but I do think you are right on about Warner Records and their major commitment to the DVD-A format and thus PCM. Most of Neil’s albums were released by Warner as PCM 24/96 or 24/176.4 on DVD-Audio in the early 00’s.

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I bought Harvest when it came out in 2002 on DVD-A. Neil Young’s only 5.1 release. I love his music but the Man can’t mix 5.1. All his 2.0 re-issues however haven’t disappointed me yet. I also have Prairie Wind on 24/96 DVD-A. His release on the website @ 192/24 edges the previous PW sonically. His Greatest Hits from 2004 with the spinning turntable was another great release @ 96/24. The Massey Hall recording with footage from the actual show synced to the 24/96 audio is another good one.

Finished the book last night; a very quick read.

There’s so much to discuss in this book. As a software guy, I found their journey tragically common, their board of director choices extremely flawed and wished there was a bit more on Ayre’s part. The Bob Stuart component surprised me although it should not have.

The book also reminded of the Omnifone/Apple thing.

I have only seen a Pono Player once but didn’t get to hear it. A manager I once had bought one of the signature editions. Looked very cool.

Is the 5.1 version one of those where a hi-hat can be heard behind you?

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Ya, NY mixed it as if you the listener were in the Barn. The entire album is horrendous in 5.1 and HE mixed it !. The 2 channel 192/24 holds up 20 years on.