Any readers here? Whatcha reading right now?

Is it time for a PS Audio Forum Book Club? No?

Winter is the perfect time to supplement beautiful music with good books!!

I just finished “Live Not By Lies” by Rod Dreher. A political book of sorts, and a religious book as well, ticking off two of the forbidden topics, so I won’t open THAT can of worms here.

I’m starting the Stalingrad Trilogy by Glantz, winter being a perfect excuse to be thankful for not having to fight on the Eastern Front in the Second World War.

I’ve also got “First Nights” by Kelly going, discussing opening nights for five different musical performances. An audiophile book if there ever was one.

How about you? What are you reading?



I don’t have a lot of time to read but have been slowly reading this one.


I did some time working in nuclear power plants back in the day so it is interesting to me especially after seeing the working machine from the inside out.


Midnight’s Children. I admit I’ve been ‘reading it’ for two years. I can appreciate why it’s been so difficult to adapt Rushdie to film (well that is). Even so he’s a consummate story teller that makes the journey worth it. Time to dive in again.

A wonderful book. Rushdie’s command of the language is stunning.

The book deserves the prizes and accolades it has received.

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Where at buddy? Me, Savannah River Plant, various BWRs and PWRs during pre-op and startup testing after TMI. Those were the days.

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Great idea for a thread, Mike.


Relatedly, if you have not watched the Chernobyl mini-series dramatizing the event, it is worth your time. Really, really well done – and very thought provoking, as well as informative.


I’ve always been fascinated by nuclear power, especially because my dad was a ComEd lineman, and ComEd went ALL IN on nukes very early on. They’re sadly owned by Excelon now, but Commonwealth Edison was a renaissance company at one time. Very forward thinking.


I’m genuinely looking forward to Paul’s book on stereos.

It’s sobering to realize there were two sister plants of the same graphite moderated design in East Germany. That design had been rejected for commercial power generation in the West years before Chernobyl.

Just a couple for me. DC Cook 1 & 2 construction, startup, maintenance, refuel outages, TMI work, Palisades maintenance outages, a short stint at Fermi. Fun times!
My shop still does outside machine work for both places 40+ years later. Palisades is supposedly on it’s last load of fuel now.

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I’m reading Grisham’s The Partner

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Yes. great series. I have also read a few books on that disaster too. More political pressure that caused a human disaster.
Although problematic, nuclear power is still the least carbon negative. Low level radwaste and spent fuel remain issues that modern society is not interested in solving like they were in the '70’s and 80’s.

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“The Firm” was a good read.


Ah! With a film adaptation I actually liked for once. But Sydney Pollack directed so I was destined to like the flick anyway.

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Haruki Murakami, “1Q84”.

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I read Ruden’s “Paul among the People” and loved it, turned my Dad onto it, and now I’m reading this, her next.

Another wonderful book. As with Midnight’s Children it incorporates a tasteful amount of magical realism.

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