Any updates to the Stellar series in 2023?

Looking to upgrade the M700s and wondering if we get any new stuff in 2023. If not, thinking about the M1200s. Both M700 and M1200 ICE modules a few years old.

The M1200 is a nice step up from the M700. I liked the M700, and it even felt bizarre trading in a perfectly working and very good sounding M700, but the tubes in the input stage of the M1200 were too appealing, and too good sounding to look back. There are detailed descriptions of sound quality in threads of this forum dedicated to the M1200, with lots of comparisons directly with the M700.
Maybe @Paul or @jamesh can shed some light on amps in 2023?

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Indeed, the M1200 is a major leap forward in SQ from the 700s and, as you know, the 700s are really, really good. It’s always hard to explain these things with mere words so my advice is always to simply take the plunge and give it a whirl.

With our easy trade-up in-home trial period of a month it’s easy. You keep both units for a month and just see. Return the one that you don’t want to keep.

There’s no new amplifiers on schedule for 2023.