Anyone Auditioned the Magico S3 or S5 Speaker

I’ve enjoyed a pair of Totem Fire monitors, with a Velodyne sub woofer, for 3+ years. I’ve auditioned a number speakers from other manufacturers, but have yet to find my next speaker.

My living room is not large (13 x 24 or so) and the speakers would need to live very near the back wall (I’ve tuned most of the bass bump from my current system).

I’ve listened to Sonus Faber Guarneri’s, very nice, a tad bit more ultra high end than the Totems, but not “unforgiving”…just didn’t motivate me to upgrade.

I also listened to Kennsington’s (shallow enough cabinet to fit in my listening room), very musical, but the bass seemed overpowering and not very realistic.

Finally, I auditioned the Wilson Duette’s (same reaction as the Gurareri’s), and listened to the other floor standers (thinking I could move my audio system to another room, one that could accommodate the larger depth) and the Sasha WPs seemed to be finicky about positioning, but when I played Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”, the results were downright “painful”. The dealer did say I’d probably need to think twice about Wilsons and sources that weren’t “ideal”…not giving up on the Beatles, Stones, etc.

So, I’m intrigued with the approach from Magico and the few reviews I’ve seen seem to indicate that the tweeters are crisp, but not so “un-forgiving” that I’d need to give up on some of my favorite CDs.


Take a Listen to Raidho’s The Ribbon tweeter is super sweet.