Wilson Yvette?

Does anyone have any experience with these speakers or any opinion about Wilson in general?

I think you’ll find that lots of people have opinions about Wilsons and that those opinions are all over the place. I have Sophia 3’s, which is the model the Yvette replaced, and love them. I think they have great tonal balance. My room is very small so imaging/soundstage is a problem with any speakers but Wilsons are known for imaging, although the sweet spot can be on the narrow side.

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They are interesting speakers, for sure. I’ve never heard the monster-sized models, but the “smaller” ones (beginning with the Watt/Puppy) I’ve heard over the years in various set-ups have ranged from sublime to unlistenable. I can definitely understand the range of opinions.

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Yes, I recently heard them and if I could afford them, I would probably have them on order. They’re closest to real, live, delicious sound than anything else I’ve heard. And the workmanship looked gorgeous. Everyone in the room was in agreement.
That said, quite a while ago, I heard Wilson’s gigantic, alien looking things–sorry i don’t remember the model and I didn’t like them. But that could have been his gear, setup, room, etc…

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I have a line on a used pair at a great price. The sad thing is the warranty is for the initial purchaser only so I wouldn’t have that. But at the price…

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I thought I remember my friend who owns them saying that they’re around 86db and 4 ohm…

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I believe I have the horsepower, I fear my room is too small. It is hexed shaped at the speaker end and open at the listening end.

I had Sophia v3. Replaced by Magico S3. The Magico is a better fit for smaller rooms because of the sealed enclosure design. Nothing wrong with Wilson when matched to the right electronics and space.

I have been an electrostatic guy for more than 40 years. I knew I was missing some dynamic impact, especially as the frequency decreased, but I couldn’t find a dynamic speaker that could match the clarity and transient response of my electrostatics. Unfortunately, after 30 years, the panels on my favorite speakers began disintegrating and were essentially unreplaceable -I was also getting tired of the constant maintenance requirements of the direct-drive tube amplifiers used to power them. I spent about 18 months auditioning speakers, including electrostats from Sanders and ML, and several other well reviewed brands of “cone” speakers.

The replacement I finally decided on was the Wilson Sabrina. I took my wife with me for the final audition before purchase and she loved them as well. They had some Yvette’s set up along side the Sabrina’s, but I wasn’t planning on listening to them because I didn’t want to spend that much as I wanted to update my entire system. My wife requested an audition just to see what a more expensive model could offer. After a brief listen, she essentially demanded we purchase the Yvette’s instead and I couldn’t disagree :blush:.

I have been thoroughly satisfied with them ever since. They are full range and extremely well balanced. Their clarity and transient response comes very close to my prior electrostatics, but they are much more dynamic… I am more musically satisfied.

For reference, I am using 300W per channel and my room is 18 feet deep. After a lot of experimentation, I have them a little over 3 feet from the back wall.

Best of luck.


Excellent story, with a superb ending, congratulations on all fronts!

What a great story! What a happy couple, congrats to you both!

I requested a paypal invoice for the Yvette speakers. My wife is not going to be supportive of this at all. One more item for the dumpster on my passing is all she will see. Oh well.

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Good choice! I’m picking up my Yvette’s this weekend!

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Remembering how much I liked them with a setup very similar to mine, I have to keep reminding myself that I just retired. You just retired, idiot. Put your wallet back in your pocket!

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What color are you getting?

I think you’ll be very happy with the speakers.

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You need to be retired so you can enjoy the whatever out of them.

Fuji Bianco, or white. :slight_smile:

The first person I attempted to buy these from flaked out on me. The second firm I wanted to buy them not did not. So now I have a brand new pair of Yvettes on there way to me at a decent price. Hooray!

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I have them in black -whatever they call it. Will be interested in your opinion.

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