Anyone Else Still Using a LANRover...?

With the popularity of the Matrix X-SPDIF 2, is there anyone (else) still using the PS Audio LANRover with their DS DAC?

I recently transitioned from using a laptop with jRiver to an Aurender N100C, and I kind of thought that I wouldn’t need the LANRover anymore. The Aurender USB output going straight into my DSD sounded pretty unremarkable, but putting the LANRover in the chain was :moneybag:MONEY :moneybag:!!! This could potentially invite ridicule, but I’d put the Aurender with LANRover via the USB input to the DSD at the same level as the DMP via I2S to the DSD. It’s really that good.

Now I’m contemplating adding an external LPS to the LANRover, and wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Thinking about trying the Sbooster…

LAN rovers were sold for just under $600! It’s good to know they work well with Aurender / DS! Where would one connect an LPS?

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I was a Beta tester, so I think I got mine for ~$450 :grin:

On the back of the Receiver unit, there is a 5 volt DC input. It comes with a cheapo power supply, and I assume that a high quality LPS would provide at least some improvement in performance.

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LPS seems to improve sound quality on any digital chain gear that comes with a wall-wart-type SMPS.

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I connect my desktop PC with Lan Rovers using 36 foot ethernet cables between them. Works great for me.

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Interesting thread to follow. I am going to try my Matrix USB out of N100 to Coax and just see what’s up.

On another note, I wrote PSA and was told don’t use the Lanrover interestingly enough. I was instead directed to explore a better USB cable (even though the sales person did not know what cable I was using).

I think it just comes down to your own experience and equipment and what sounds best.

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SUPER weird that anyone at PS Audio would advise against using one of their legacy products… :thinking:

The Aurenders are just Linux boxes optimized for audio, and there’s nothing “special” about their USB outputs, other than they’re supposedly galvanically isolated. Worst case, the LANRover would have no impact, positive or negative, on the sonic performance of the N100H or C. Best case, as I discovered with mine, is that it made a significant improvement over straight USB.

I’m still using the same cable lineup that I used with the LANRover/jRiver setup: AQ Carbon USB from MacBook to LR, AQ Vodka ethernet from LR Sender to LR Receiver, and AQ Diamond from LR to DSD DAC.

I just ordered the sBooster 5V LPS (for the LANRover Receiver unit) from Upscale Audio, so I’ll report back once I get that in the system & settled in.

I’m not so sure it was a dis against the Lanrover, maybe just a hint on a good place to look for improvement as the Lanrover is no longer in production. Also I did not know the gent that responded. My last two guys at PSA (Duncan who was excellent! and now Jake) are gone I guess.

Also I’m not so sure any improvement has much to do with the Aurender. Perhaps it is the DAC and its ability to handle on board what a external device may be helping with?

The Aqua seems to have a multitude of architecture to insure solid jitter free signal etc. Maybe this helps, maybe not. I have the Matrix in the loop now so soon I’ll see if I can discern any difference. I don’t see where a Lanrover/Matrix etc can hurt.

Good luck with the LPS. My guess again is that can only improve things. Will be good to know what you end up with. My bet is your going to like the results.

Im using LAN rover because the music server is not close to my audio equipment. (supra cat8) The Uptone JS2 supplies power to the Lanrover and the ISOregen. This USB (wireworld) goes to the Singxer SU6 then IIS into DSsr. (wireworld) The network config is way crazier than this. I prefer streaming audio (and video) now and enjoy quality that I would never have thought possible. Good luck in your quest…