Anyone Gain Cell DAC and Android device

Is a Usb driver needed for android device to be connected to Gain Cell DAC? I use the file provided for my windows PC but I can’t find one for my Android tablet.

Howdy Doug,

How are you connecting your Android table to the GCD? And what software are you using on the tablet to control playback?

I’m not sure if there are andro specific drivers, though I can check for you on Monday once I’m back in the office.

USB connection, Aimp, Foobar2000, USB Audio Player pro and VLC are installed. Which ones I will keep have not been determined yet. USB Audio Player worked driving my USB Headphone amp. I have not tried any with the GCD yet. Thanks for any help you might have.

Hello? No answer?

Hi Doug, I never tried hooking up my Samsung Note 5 to the SGCD before. This morning I connected the Note 5 to the Analog 3 inputs on my SGCD using a standard 3.5mm to two male RCA cable. I use the Shuttle music player on my Note 5. I didn’t use any other drivers or connection software. Everything worked fine but I had to turn the SGCD volume up really high (in the 80’s) to be able to hear the Note 5 music. Hope this helps. Joe

Hi Doug,

Sorry about the delay, it turns out this is more complicated than expected.

I have been working with our software engineering team and it looks like there are two main ways to tackle it.

One us USB Audio Player like you have installed. This seems to be the simple way to do things.

If, however, you want to use other sources, things get a little more complicated. Here’s a video showing how to get USB audio working for all apps.

Some caveats: you have to access the developer options, so please be careful. Also, since different devices run different versions of Android there is no certainty that this will work for you. It should, though.

I hope this helps out! Please let me know how it goes and if you run into any roadblocks.

Thanks. I didn’t want to use any software that might cause the GCD to reset it’s internal receiver in such a way that it wouldn’t see the primary computer media center. It was a fast and completely painless install up front so it was not necessary for me to learn any of the higher (or lower) level settings and adjustments and I love it the way it is, as perfect as I could have ever hoped for. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome! And I’m happy to hear all is going well with your GCD. You’d have to try pretty hard to cause any problems with, though if you ever managed to upset it, our team is always happy to and able to get things back up and running for you.

We’re always here to help if you have any other questions in the future :grin: