Anyone has post 2021 or later stock Genalex 6922 tubes sounding dry in 2022 production BHK 250s?

Been running the stock tubes for almost 4 weeks now, just can’t seem to get rid of the dryness. Swap in a pair of NOS Russian tubes all that dryness went away. Maybe the most current production Genalex is too neutral? The pair I have almost make my BHK sounds 100% solid state.

I have no idea which batch or period did PS audio acquired their tubes for their production so the time frame in my title is pure assumption on my part.

Anyone here have a similar experience? Or could be just the pair I have… sigh…

If you have access/can see the tubes you’re referring to then there’s a four-digit production code that’ll tell you when they were made. In the picture below they’re both from 2011 with the one on the left from the 8th month and the other from the 1st month.


Good to know! Both of mine were from 21 July.