Russian Tubes - Supply Issue?

A Russian tube I wanted that was previously unavailable just went for sale… I didn’t need them but I purchased them anyway… just in case.

Anyone hear about Russian supply issues? I suppose it is too early yet, but…

PSAudio: Are you concerned? What are your suppliers telling you?

Bruce in Philly



Great question…and the same could be said
for Chinese tubes as well.

It may behoove Paul and company to re-evaluate
the viability of tubed designs…

Though I wish this were not the case…tube supplies may
become challenged…

Though tubes have been part of my gear over the years…
they no longer are. SS gear has come such a long way,
Which is why I’m sticking to the ss type of gear…

Best wishes to all

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Looks like PS Audio increased the price of the 6922 replacement tubes. I purchased a pair for $99 last November.
Just checked and they are $149 now.

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If prices get high enough, I won’t be tube rolling. I’ll be tube parking.


Viva Tubes put this notice on their homepage:
“We are experiencing a sudden high volume of orders - there will be delays. Due to supply chain issues strict quantity limits have been put in place with no exceptions”

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Ah… not surprised… toilet paper… tubes… same thing.

Bruce in Philly


The costs of a Global economy, buy local when you can. I don’t believe the issue is limited to vacuum tube pricing and/or availability.


I wouldn’t doubt that tubes made in Russia like the Gold Lions end up getting banned for sale in the U.S.

Stock up now, while you still can.

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:rofl: Funny

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All NOS Mullards in this bad boy:

Unfortunately, I’ve been using GLs in the BHK and M1200s. Time to find a new brand.


My NOS Tunsgram’s just went south in one of my BHK 300’s. Put back the Genealex tubes and ordered more, was thinking about this exact topic so I ordered more tubes for the BHK preamp as well.

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Bruce, something I hadn’t even considered, thank you for bringing it up. Almost certain to result in stock shortages either due to production capacity or panic buying.

I’ve only just put in some new gain stage tubes, but really want some KT88 power tubes also, so probably best to get them sooner rather than later.

Would be good to have a backup set also.

I hope those tubes become available again.

I have never seen anything beneficial coming out of economic sanctions other than that entire nations hate us for it.

I condemn every form of violence and pray to God every day to stop the bloodshed.

But, economic sanctions have never been an appropriate answer. They have a dramatic impact on civilization while they never effect the real perpetrators.

Wake up, oil price is so high and the olicharchs export so much oil and gas that they keep feeding the rich. On the other hand, those 50.000 employees of IKEA and anybody else who got fired due to the sanctions have nothing to feed their families anymore.

God be with the Ukrainian people.

“Russians love their children too.” [Sting]


Does anyone know if there are new tube manufacturers in North America or Japan?

I didn’t check for Japan but a Google search shows:

The only remaining U.S. vacuum tube manufacturers who make tubes for amplifiers are: Western Electric in Rossville, Georgia, who still produces a handful of high end tubes such as the 300B . RCH Labs in Carson City, Nevada produces hand-made 6L6 tubes.

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I went to the western electric website. It really is ONLY the 300B tube, and are $1499 for a matched pair

Pricey for sure. Didn’t know it was only 300B.

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This sounds like a business opportunity if one knows how.

Perhaps, but both the expertise and equipment are scarce.

Wow! That’s an expensive tube!!!