Anyone have a .5 meter AC-12 I2S cable?

That you’d consider selling for a nice price to a fellow PS Audio member? If so please shoot me a PM. Thanks.


Not sure how you define “nice price” but check out Music Direct. They have a nice price on new 0.5 m Ac-12, other lengths are full price though.


Tony, If you cannot find one I will build you a crystal silver .05 I2S at actual cost + S&H. I tried to get an I2S AC-12 1 meter and finally gave up - built it. I am not looking for the business (swamped as it is) but for you I would do it. You have been a tremendous asset on the Forum.

Best case scenario - @Paul will reconsider & order more from his supplier.

Oops, I saw AC and was thinking power cable, please ignore my post. Sorry about that!

I would take him up on his kind offer. The last group of cables we bought took us several years to sell through and that’s not a viable option for us to sit on inventory so long. We have to order cables in 1000 meter batches before the manufacturer will make them for us. It just wasn’t that big of a seller and there are many fine HDMI cables on the market. Perhaps none as good as the AC12, but economically it just isn’t feasible for us. Sorry.

@pmotz Ok, that makes more sense. I was pretty impressed you’d tackle making an HDMI cable. That’s a tough one.

Awfaully kind of you Christopher. PM sent.


I don’t know why Paul thinks I2S cables are especially hard to build.

Anyway, if there is one job I hate it is building power cables. Rick Cullen’s son Patrick builds excellent power cables at a fair price. Bob is always pushing me to build power cables and we do have a box of Cardas M/F power connectors at the shop that I keep hiding from him.

Give Patrick a call. Great guy…just like his Dad.

Have you ever tried to terminate an HDMI connector? You’re a better and more sight capable man than I if you can. The connections are way too small.

Apparently Chris seems to have already built one for himself. I agree - impressive. I’d have thought (beyond the terminations) the shielding and maintaining a consistent impedance across the length of such a cable would be challenging.


Yes, @Paul I have. Tedious I admit. We have illuminated magnifier lamps & tweezer micro welders. Connecting phono leads to LEMO Connectors is much, much worse and we do that daily.

Now, getting knocked down building power cables with a girth the size of my wrist…that I do not enjoy. Your Power Cords are among the best I have ever used…including the ultra-exotics. Several times we have contacted the proper people at PSA to use them during the past 6 or so audio shows but cannot seem to get that done (buy, borrow, beg, steal). You sell out too quickly I guess.

Christopher, please PM when you can. :-c

Exceedingly kind offer!!

birddogthecat said: tweezer micro welders

I do not know what this is, but it sounds cool and I know I want one.

@elk One of the down sides of soldering is that you capture O2 at the joint. When you arc weld you drive the O2 out of the joint. No O2 = no oxidation. In reality you can never get all the O2 out except possibly aboard the Space Lab.

Very interesting. I did not know this.

@tony22 PM sent

@birddogthecat, and one back to you!

Hi Tony22, just shot you a pm about a .5M AC12 I have for sale. Thanks