Sold: PS Audio I2S-12 cable - 1m

Sold: An I2S-12 cable in very good/excellent condition. No longer needed. $125 shipped CONUS + PP (or use no-fee method). PM if interested.

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Wonderful cable! Wish I’d seen this before it sold, someone got a great deal.

You’re making me wish I’d asked for more, but I got it for for $100 and have no idea what the market can bear. I do think there are better, more listenable, lower cost HDMI cables, such as from PAD, that I switched to during my last many months with a DSD. It can be had for less than a couple of bills through Gregg Froman, who advertises on Agon and Audiomart. In any case, I’m still puzzled how my post ended up on Tweaks & Accessories.


You’re doing well and not gouging anyone Gene, good on you.

I’ve tried a number of HDMI cables and this one is the best for my system with the DSD (and also the best for my DVR to my TV). Eventually I’ll find one more nicely priced to use with my Oppo UDP-205 and TV–I’m using the silver clad copper HDMI from PS Audio til then.