Anyone have a tube tester in Denver area I can use?

I used to have a great tester. A Hickok. Then I thought I would never have tube stuff again. I sold it. Stupid me. I was wrong.

I have a few 6DJ8/6922/7308 military pulls I need to test.

I would ALSO appreciate knowledge of what other forums I could post this on as well.

Happy to trade use for beer or ??


Peter Rudy

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You might try the Steve Hoffman Music Forum site.

Go to Vacuum Tube Supplies in Denver. They’ve checked tubes for me before. Also a great place to buy New old stock and tested used old stock tubes.

700 Mariposa St, Denver 80204


Thanks Gary. Someone on another forum suggested VTS.

I spent a morning with Ellen and Peter at VTS, last week. They have four calibrated Hickok 539b&c’s. Ellen carefully tested each of my tubes and provided the numbers so I could match. All at no charge.

Peter has been in the audio biz for ever. ARC sends him tube amp repairs.

Highly recommended for anyone in the Denver area who loves tubes.