Did PS Audio pull replacement tubes from their site?

I know there is a worldwide shortage going on now with Russia stopping tube exports. I cant seem to find the replacement PSvane tubes on PSA site

I can’t find them either and now I’m nervous.


Page is dead as of right now. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

they may have not had a way to turn off other than pull page. I bet they will have a not available page soon.

Better run to Guitar Center and hope you get a close enough matched pair. All guitar ampers will be buying everything up in the 12au7 department

Yup, we need what tubes we have for production. If you need replacement tubes you’ll have to call with your product’s serial number. Sorry about that but we’ve had a run on tubes after the terrible stuff going on in the Ukraine.

People create their own shortages. There is no reason to rush out and buy tubes that you do not currently need just to hoard them away. I have a small collection of tubes from my tube swapping that could carry me for a long time. The same thing goes on with gasoline!


I just saw a video this morning telling everyone to stop hoarding tubes. He likened it to how people bought up gallons of hand sanitizer (TP and cleaning agents in my area) during early stages of the pandemic, and how it does little but drive prices up and leave people with a glutenous surplus.


I would not hoard tubes since most will last a long time. I do, however, suggest getting a backup set if you don’t have a set. If you do, you are good to go. The “tube clock” on the BHK Pre is a very useful tool. Most people swap out tubes prematurely anyway.

I hope I didn’t sound as if I was pointing fingers at forum members, for looking to purchase what are clearly consumables. I just found it ironic that tubes were mentioned here and that hoarding by others could have contributed to PS Audio’s inability to secure them.

I hope PS Audio goes back to SS…at least as an option.

It seems like there is a manufacturer that makes a SS version that fits into a regular tube socket but I dont remember where I saw it.

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I did order a set of tubes for my full tube pre and power amps, as I really like the Mullard EL34’s, but my BHK Pre and M1200’s are set for now, I don’t have 12au7 backups, but am not worried.

I’ve never seen a solid state plug in version of an input tube, but I know that solid state plug in rectifiers are available.

+1 --my experience as well.

Can’t one bypass the tubes in The Schiit Freya and go passive? By the time for PSA to adapt such and add significant cost, I would just assume go SS if I were a manufacturer. That’s if the tube supply does get to abysmal levels that interrupt manufacturing. Heck, right now manufacturing bottlenecks may be other components and NOT tubes at the moment

Yes, I don’t have the Freya+, but just read a review in Stereophile. The Freya+ has a “SS” mode, where it activates solid state internal components, and a “tube” mode, where the tubes are activated. The reviewer prefers solid state in general, and preferred the solid state mode of the Freya+.

I could see the SS sounding better. Years ago I had a Peachtree Tube Pre with a tube on and off switch. There was a little window where one could see the tube. IMO, instead of naming the button “tube on and off”, it should have been named “Noise on and off”

Schiit used to make a “solid state tube” called the LISST. They don’t appear to sell them anymore, but you can probably find them on the secondhand market.