Recommendations for amplifier repairs in Boulder area?

I have several older tube amps that I want to upgrade with new capacitors and resistors. Does anyone have recommendations for repair shops in Boulder county? I have several GTA SE-40 amps, would like to the SonicCraft upgrades, and I have a deHavilland amp that needs a capacitor replaced. Does PS Audio repair shop do work on amps from other companies? Thanks!

Welcome! I don’t know if they still do, but Absolute Vinyl Records & Stereo up in Longmont might still be able to repair/upgrade old gear. I know they did for years while they were here in Boulder. Certainly worth a shot. If they don’t, they may know someone else that does.

I’d like to second the motion–for the Denver area generally.

Who knows an electronics whiz that can take care of gear when we need it? Shipping 75lb amps back and forth to manufacturers becomes more than tiresome.
I once saw a post mentioning a Dr. Dan. But I have no contact info.

I emailed Dr Dan about a recap on a vintage Kenwood integrated in 2014. The email at the time:

Thanks! I did get in touch with Dr. Dan, and he is still doing amplifier repairs. Not sure that I want to drive all the way to Littleton since this is just replacing a capacitor. I might see if I can learn to solder and do it myself.

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Soldering is pretty simple provided you have what you need to do it. Here is a tutorial that should help.