Anyone have any experience with Alta Audio?

The Alta Alec speakers just came up on my radar, and has been added to the list of potential candidates. They seem to check all the boxes including price.

No direct experience here. That said, you may be interested in the Stereophile review of the Alyssa. The monitor version of the Alec from the statement series. JAs measurements aren’t particularly flattering. But measurements are measurements and subjective listening evaluation is subjective listening evaluation. At least it’s a professional review of the baby (sister?) of the Alec.

Thanks. I’ve pretty much read every review on every one of the speakers Alta makes. The Alec, along with many of their other speakers have received glowing reviews and rewards. Also noted was the level of enthusiasm the reviewer had when listening to them. The aesthetics along with the fit and finish of the speaker, combined with the glowing reviews and price point, place it in my list of must audition speakers.

I’ve had a pair for a couple weeks now and am smitten. These speakers are a much better fit for my small space and integrate well into the rest of my system. They’re also gorgeous in piano black.

The speakers have a wide dispersion pattern making width placement flexible and the sweet spot wider. These speakers need space from back walls to project the depth of space they’re capable of–I have them about four feet away.

In my space, I’d say these speakers excel over the Ulfberhts. Vocals and instruments are well defined, good separation, tonally true and well placed. The soundstage reaches deeper forward and back than the Ulfs with a similar breadth. It took a moment to adjust to voices sitting a couple feet further back though they remained “front and center” in presence and dynamics. It’s really as if the speakers are projecting a mirror image of the mics and you’re sitting in the front row.

I saw the Stereophile measurements of the Alyssa before deciding to try the Alecs–while they are reason to pause, the subjective reviews and a chat with Michael really piqued my interest. Michael won’t claim to measure perfectly, he does claim to provide a “live” feel. I’ve been spinning more and more live vinyl lately and I can say these speakers do a better job of rendering that music than the Ulfs did.

Michael doesn’t have many dealers carrying his speakers yet, but he does offer an in home trial. I suggest you give him a call and give them a shot.


You can always tell when Peter is smitten by a speaker, he doesn’t hold back his enthusiasm.

Thanks vee. I plan on calling the company tomorrow. I while back I had my sites on a pair of Tekton Moabs, but ended up deciding against them because of their size and the cost of shipping them back if I didn’t like them. These speakers check all the boxes for me, the only thing left is to take them for a spin.

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Curious, what amplifiers are you driving them with?


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Pretty simple: two way ribbon… Can’t go wrong…!

3 days on the Alta Audio Alec speakers, and I’m totally smitten… They’re as beautiful to gaze upon as they are to listen to.

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I ordered a pair! Hopefully ship out this week. Currently I have the Tekton Pendragons. I’m hoping the bass can hit close to what the Pendragons do.
How are you guys enjoying the Alec?
Anyone try low power tube amps on them?

How are you liking the Alta, mine are suppose to ship this week. I can’t wait to hear them!!
How is the bass? Do they hit below the rated 32hz?

These speakers sounded good right out of the box. At first the bass was a little lean, but now with roughly 75 hrs on them, the bass has come along, and is actually a little too pronounced. I’m hoping with more break-in and experimenting with placement, I’ll get it dialed in. The bass definitely goes way lower than 32 hz. My other speakers are Von Scwweikert VR 35’s, which play down to 24 hz. The Alec plays almost as low to my ears, but is much more muscular sounding. The Chinese drum track on the Burmeister CD produced awe inspiring bass that knocked my socks off!.

Awesome to hear!! I can’t wait!!

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You’re in for a real treat. I’m at a little over a100 hours, nowhere near broken in, and I can confidently say these are the best speakers I’ve ever owned and some of the best I’ve ever heard. The bass has tightened up, and continues to dig deeper with more hrs on them. I swapped out the jumpers that came with the speakers with my Synergistic Research jumpers that match my speaker cables, which improved the bass, mid range, and coherency. One Happy camper!

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I just received my shipping tracking number :tada:
Break in will begin as soon I get them. What are some of the other brands you have owned?
I’m on Tekton a Pendragons now, I’ve had Spatial Audio M3’s, Acoustic zen Adagio, Snell type D, Monitor Audio, Klipsch forte II

Also are your front or rear ported? I’m receiving the Special edition in Onyx Black front ports.

I think I mentioned my previous speakers were Von Schweikert vr35s.
Before that

I had a custom linearrary speaker built for me,

Audio Artistry Dvorak dipole speakers

Totem Acoustics Mani- 2 signature

Apogee Duetta signatures

Vandersteen model three

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Same exact model I received. Black onyx front ported.

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Those linearray speakers are awesome looking.
Very cool speakers you had.
I’m hoping the Alec cures my upgradeitis :sunglasses: