ATC Speakers - who uses them or has heard them?

Anyone else using ATC? This has been my go to speaker since 1994 when I first heard them.

The match with PS Audio DSD Sr is good, IMHO.


Dang, them’s some Vintage Versions!

I recently had the SCM 25A studio monitors, but had to sell them due to moving to a small space.

My Dad owned the SCM 20 Towers for several years. I had the SCM 50 on long term loan before as well. Plus I had some custom made speakers with the ATC 75mm dome midrange, focal woofer, and Raven R2 tweeter.
I really liked them all. ATC always were special in the midband.


I have the scm40 the new version, they are great but sort of hard to drive, but given enough watts and they opened up incredibly.

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Actually these speakers are the latest version of the special edition active EL150 with all ATC drivers, including the new ATC hand-built tweeter.

It is rare to find SCM 25A in a domestic setting or was this at work?

This is more typical

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In my home studio. My apt. In boulder is a quarter of the size of my house, so it’s back to the Genelecs.

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I’ve also got the new version SCM40s. I have them driven by a BHK pre and BHK 250 from a DMP and a DSD Senior with Bridge II. They sound superb.




Hi, oh yes, it’s rar to find these nice speakers in a domestic setting. I bought them 5 years ago and they are growing with every update I made with my electronic. For me they are still perfect. Specially with my Rockna Wavedream Typ IV DAC and the great PS Audio AC 12



Beautiful shot.


Lovely setup. Do you use the PowerPlant with the ATC?

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Thank you, Paul. Sounds wonderful too, with the Directstream DAC as the heart of my system.

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Hi Philipp, Thanks a lot. No problem with the Power Plant and 2x3 meter PS Audio AC 12.
Your set up is beautiful too

Hi Chris.
I was thinking about getting a P15 for my setup. But was wondering if it would really bring any benefit. And: the ATC are 10m away from my system (where I would place the P15), so how would I get the power to them? Well, first I need to save some money anyhow…

You mentioned that you are thinking about an Innuos server. I have the Zenith MK II which is discontinued and got replaced by the MK III. So far I had zero problems and the system works flawless (and sounds very good). I rip, store and run the Roon Core on it. Do you use Roon? Then why replace the Aries and not keep it as the Roon Endpoint?

I’m convinced that you will hear a difference, regardless of the length of the power cord to the atc 50 Finally you will hear an improvement with every additional component connected. I’ve always thought that a roon endpoint sounds less good. I also expect less tagging work and better sound with an innousserver.

Wich I’m wondering, do you have any problems with the glasses in the closet between your speakers?

Well, I guess you need to / can test the different setups to find the best sound once you have an Innuos in place. I tried Innuos direct to Bridge II in my DSD, but via the SOtM it sounded better to my ears (but both setups have been using Roon). The SOtM is something special (I want to believe) :wink:

Thanks for the encouragement towards a PowerPlant. Oh boy, it’s so expensive… But my possibilities in room treatment are very limited by WAF, so I’ll continue to tinker on that side of the chain.

Regarding the glasses in the cabinet: when they start shaking, I know, I’m overdoing it also for the people living next door, so they are a good “noise protection system”. Besides that, within normal levels, the cabinet does not make any sounds.

I’ve been throughly impressed with the next to baby SCM11v2 over the past couple of days in house eval

Very capable little speakers

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Recently purchased 5x ATC SCM 20 ASL Pro Mk IIs to replace our Meridian DSP actives and allow for separated stereo and multi-channel source/preamp front ends. This is still very much a work in progress though. Pics are of the ATCs simply plopped down in the same spots the Meridian DSP6K and DSP5Ks once occupied.