Anyone have experience with pure silver speaker cables?

I’m looking for a short pair (1.5meter) of cables from my BHK300 to my TAD CR1 mid/tweeters.

I’m looking at some small companies that custom make cables with pure silver. There are standard solid core versions and one that offers 10 or 12 gauge sold core that doesn’t even require termination.

Since I’m not power a woofer with it, can I get away with higher gauge?

Anyone have experience with full silver cables?

I use AQ William Tell Silver combo ZERO + BASS speaker cables from M1200s to Sonus faber Olympica Nova III and I am very happy, no problem with harsh, edge, bright or fatigue typically correlated to silver cables.

I also use Gold Note Extra phono cable (silver) from TT to phono pre, with great results.
AQ Dragon power cords (silver) to feed all my entire system, really love them too.

Recently I had the opportunity to try the new AQ Dragon XLR cable - see my thoughts shared in another thread about Mythical Creature line - I found them impressive from DS DAC to BHK Pre.

All at once I discovered here on the forum the Iconoclast brand and its designer Galen Gareis, he is a science inspired engineer and a genius, an authority in cables matters - search here on the forum tons of his posts - he says that geometry counts more than material in cables ability to reproduce music. Lots of experienced members here use Iconoclast copper cables, so I gave them (interconnects OCC copper) a try. Wow! They were right!

Take the time to read, may be illuminant and if possibile try with your ears.

My next goal is Iconoclast speaker cables, Bob of Blue Jeans Cable (who cares distribution worldwide of Galen’s cables) is really devoted to single customer care, I highly recommend to contact him to deeply investigate your best chances to find the right cable for your system.

Enjoy the trip!


Getting back to Silver Cables. I used Siltech and Crystal Cables for many years. My last full loom was Siltech 770/550 series and they were excellent. They’re neutral and faithful to the music. There are many others on the market. I have some experience with Waversa Cables and they are all silver too.

Please, give elaborate comparisons you’ve noted between Siltech/Crystal and any other cables, especially ones that you think are equally enjoyable.
Siltech is intriguing for the huge emphasis on metallurgy. Their geometries can’t be terrible if they are enjoyable, but from what they tell and how it looks, not especially advanced so I get the impression that here Siltech is getting away with simpler geometry due to material properties. They use some rather thick solid cores so to me it seems like they’re wasting some of that precious metal or rather, sacrificing the benefits of having lots of thin wire for a given cross-section. Not judging that, if they’re excellent then they are.