What coaxial cable can I choose?

I am defining the cables for Bacch4mac.

I currently have a Gryphon Diablo 250 (which is quite responsive) and it balances very well with PS Audio (P15 + MKII + PST) and the SF Electa Amator III.

A few months ago I bought an Aurender N200, which I now have to coax to the next component in the chain. If I compare the digital sound to CD-SACD, it sounds slightly brighter.

For this reason I mainly use copper cables, when trying some silver in the system, the sound loses presence and becomes a little thinner.

If today I have a system (which I hear balanced), what coaxial cable could you recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Budget and length needed? Were you using pure silver or silver over copper and what brand did you find thin?


If I remember correctly I tried Nordost Odin 2 XLR pure silver and for speakers Tyr 2 which are copper, silver plated.

Budget USD 2,000, at least 3 meters.

Today I only have pure copper in all connections. Shunyata Phyton (speakers, XLR), Alpha USB, Kimber HDMI (can’t remember the model, but it’s the best they have).


I personally haven’t found pure silver cables to be thin but my experience with Nordost cables years ago did exhibit those traits so think that may be more Nordost than silver in general. I am using both a Tubulus Concentus USB and an Audio Sensibility Statement AES cable both of which are pure silver and they are both full bodied. If you are happy though with the sound you get from the Shunyata OCC copper cables then I would stick with them as you know their “house sound.” Unless you can find a used cable then new that probably tops you out at Delta V2. You can however buy the Tubulus Concentus coax 3 meters for less than $1k

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A Stealth Audio 3m Octavia-T SPDIF cable will cost $7100. Can’t imagine you would be unhappy with it.

Shunyata is what we use with our Aurender N30SA. It’s excellent!

This said, you may desire to wait a little bit. Aurender is currently beta testing a Roon update for the current models of Aurender. From what I’ve been told this will be a massive software update. It will be officially announced at Munich.

This will give Aurender a significant advantage, as it will allow one to contrast and compare music from both Roon and Aurender apps. Two related but different sounding formats - like two carts on the same turn table.

So, the Aurender/Roon SQ will need to be judged accordingly. This may require a different cable to get the very best sound?

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I will try to get some silver cables to test here in my country to make a decision. Thanks for the feedback.

there must be cables of all prices, and probably the one you indicate sounds wonderful… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just want to define a budget according to the cost of my equipment.

Even more so if I have to buy a second USB to connect the Mac Mini to the MKII.

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What good news you give me, unfortunately I am not a Roon user, I only use the direct application of Aurender.

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[IMO] I absolutely love the Kimber D60 (Illuminati) coax digital cable (under 500 bucks). Give this a try and possibly use it as a basis of what a good cable does- then if you want to explore more expensive options- compare it against this one.

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OK, thanks a lot. Precisely the PS Audio distributor in Chile also brings Kimber and gives me a good discount. :slight_smile: