Anyone heard the Linkwitz lx521?

If so, what were your impressions?

I used to own the Linkwitz Orion that was the predecessor to the Lx521. I also briefly listened to the Lx521 quite some time ago after contacting someone on the Linkwitz forums who opened up his home to people wishing to hear them. The Orions strengths were a very natural, open, 3 dimensional sound. Very realistic in that regard and fun to listen to. It’s hard to go back to a box speaker after hearing them. The bass was full and extended but could sound a bit under controlled to my ears at times. I also thought the top end was a bit rolled off, but I tend to like brighter treble. Detail retrieval was OK but I found myself always wishing they offered more…but I tend to be that way with most speakers. My only recollection of the Lx521 was that it was better than the Orions in every regard. An hour in someone else’s home really isn’t enough time to make a proper evaluation though. If you peruse the Linkwitz forums I’m pretty confident you can find someone locally who will let you listen to them.

Thank you sir.

Jedi - I noticed today that there are two listings currently active on Audiogon for the LX521. One is for a fully assembled loudspeaker and the other is for the kit. Thought you might want to check them out.

Thanks. If I decide to go that way I’ll just get the kit from Madisound for $2200. I’m starting to be a bit gun shy though - been reading a lot about OB bass and how finicky it can be. Not sure I want to deal with the hassle…

I’ve built the Orions, LX521 and LXmini +2 and had each across various upgrades so I know them well. The LX521 I have are the reference config with analog 4 way active crossover and 10 channels of amplification.

Indeed the LX521 speakers are quite a bit better than the Orions with better detail and tonality. They beat anything else I ever owned. I agree with moredins, I love the open baffle sound and don’t want to go back to boxes.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a problem with bass room nodes with boxes or open baffle. Linkwitz believed his dipole design is more tolerant than most for room issues but they do need space around them (mine are 1300mm from the rear wall).

Thanks. What kind of amplification are you using?

When I owned the Orions I used a 12 channel ATI amplifier. They don’t have the bling factor like some amps but they are well engineered, dependable, and sound great. Plus they are affordable.

Thanks @moredins

I’m using ATI amplifiers too, and they were recommended by Siegfried Linkwitz. I have 6 channels of 180W and 4 of 120W (on tweeters and upper midrange). Each driver is driven by it’s own channel with no passive crossover in the path so they represent a simple load compared to conventional speakers.

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First post here—-

A slight digression within the product family:

I currently use the LX Mini and am thinking of upgrading to the LXSirius, probably +2. Getting rid of the separate amps in each speaker seems to offer advantages, and I do hear wonders about pure active speakers.

Anyway, for those who use the power box with 6 channels, is there marked difference between analogue and digital SP versions? I will have enough analogue sources not to be plugging digital signal directly in, but will instead go through a good preamp with balanced outputs.

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I built and owned both the Orion and the LX521. The LX521 is definitely the superior speaker system but owning this is not for the weak of heart. The MiniDSP that is required is intoxicating. I found myself forever fiddling with the settings. It is definitely a fantastic speaker and well worth the effort, plus they can be picked up used for far less than it would talk to assemble and build yourself. But don’t let their low sales price fool you. They are outstanding!

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I know its been a long time. But you said you tested the lxmini with the +2subs. Im very curious about getting this package but I have heard conflicting accounts about there use cases. Im not looking for massive spl HT performance. But I expect them to play any genre of music adequately as a small sealed sub would do. People say that they cannot pressurise a room properly so you hear the bass more than you feel it which I dont want. Does any of these experiences match yours, and what genres of music did you listen to?

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This is a late reply but maybe it can still be useful.

I don’t hear the +2s separate from the lxminis. With the new config file they integrate with the lxminis to form a 3-way speaker. I don’t hear them separately, they’re not like subwoofers. I play them pretty loud (around 80-90dB) but they don’t shake the house.

I added them because I wanted a little more extra bass weight and extension. I also wanted to see if the midrange improved when the mid driver didn’t try to reproduce the bass notes. That’s exactly what happened. I recommend them thoroughly.

If you want play orchestral or club music at real-life levels the Orions go very loud but the LX521 have the best sound.

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