Magnepan 3.7i alternative

After a couple years with these, I’m exhausted. Placement issues, room limitations, etc. have just beat me down.

They are current being driven by a Apollon Audio NC1200 (hypex modules, 700 W into 4 Ohm, 1200 W into 2 Ohm) in a ~20’ x 16’ room.

Help me out guys. Golden Ears, open baffle something or others…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so hi! Hope you’ve all been well.

Spatial Audio X3 or X5 depending on room size.

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I’ve always thought Vanderstten II and III variants have much of what people love about Magnepan but with more flexibility.

True, the new 2SE Sig III is supposed to be the best ever and the original 2CE Sigs I owned for six years were already really good.

Another vote for the Spatial X5’s here too. Especially for the money. I am not currently using mine but so far they were the best overall sound anywhere in the room. My Crescendo’s are better in the sweet spot but off axis isn’t as good as the X5’s.

If footprint is not so critical, German Physiks loudspeakers are worth a look.

Might like to consider Focal Aria 936…very musical very quick
highly detailed with great sense of spatial perspective.

My Aria 948s give me a very similar “see through” of the Martin Logan
CLS that I auditioned years ago driven by Threshold amps

Best wishes

I actually was looking into the Spatial Audio X5. Are they $7500 each or per pair? It’s not clear on the site.

Prices are for pair. Give Clayton a call and talk about your room and gear.

Thanks! Do you think he would have some frequency response measurements available?

He should but they would be from his room at the factory.