Linkwitz LX521.4 build started

I have started a build of the Linkwitz LX 521.4 Ref open baffle speakers.
Luckily I have been able to source a local CNC operator so I don’t have to make the panels from “scratch” as my woodworking skills are debatable.
So far I have assembled a “mule” in MDF (and it’s mini-me) to understand what the construction challenges are and have made a few minor updates to the plans.
I have to say the “pocket screws” are a builders dream when using butt joints!

Next step is to CNC the panels from Birch Ply and begin the proper build and finish on the plywood.
In parallel I will confirm the wiring on the mule.
I have high hopes for the sonic capabilities of the speaker system.
See pictures in post below.


I got to hear commercially produced lx521 at the Pacific Audio Fest. They were excellent. I have an Lx mini build that has been on pause for a couple of years. I should go work on it instead of reading this forum.


They look like they are around $14,000 USD. What price do you think you will be at with DIY?

A Linkwitz turnkey built pair of speakers, including amplification/crossovers/speaker cable (no power cables) delivered will be about USD 21,000 (EUR 20,800) + any domestic taxes and local shipping.

A kit comprising the cut panels, and amplification/crossovers/speaker cable (no power cables) delivered will be about USD9,000 (EUR 8,850) + any domestic taxes and local shipping. You do all the gluing and screwing…

If you purchase the drivers, amplification/crossovers/speaker cable and have the panels made up by a local CNC machinist or do the woodwork your self it will be cheaper again. You still need to glue and screw.

Madisound Speaker Components do various levels of the kit in the USA.

@EkW - yes I understand that they were very well received.

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Anyone know what I did wrong with the picture upload?? Is there a size limit?

Yes, images are limited to 4 MB which is quite large.

But please do not downsize your pictures to 4 MB and post a series of them. Think much smaller. :slight_smile: Not everyone has fast broadband.



These speakers sounded very clean and uncolored at Axpona, and went quite deep sonically as well.

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And if you work on and complete the speakers, it is because of this forum :wink:
or because of @frank7036

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I have the lx521s drivers in boxes. Had meant to build the baffles and cabinets, never got around to it. Maybe one day…

Or get the kit from Madisound for used-to-be around USD1500. DOnt know what it’s now…

From Madisound website;
$2139 for the drivers alone (doesn’t include the latest upper midrange driver - add $500)
$990 for the flat pack cabinets
This doesn’t include :slight_smile:
amplifiers (5ch for each speaker)
Crossover network for all drivers - you can build yourself, use MiniDSP, purchase ASP from Linkwitz/ Madisound
Multi-channel Speaker Cables,
Driver cabling
Power supplies (if self building amps/crossovers), power cords
Your time to prepare, paint (option), glue, screw, panels and fit and wire drivers.

I purchased the plans/license (you have to) and the drivers, amplifiers & crossover network, speaker cables. The remainder I am undertaking myself with great assistance from local CNC professionals and amateur builders.

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In case you need any reference photos from what was on exhibit at Axpona…