Anyone here converted their rooms to live end dead end rooms?

Future room improvements on my 15 x 25 L shaped room
fully carpeted now with no wall treatments…

Anyone here gone to LEDE or from LEDE to DEDE?

What are your experiences with these…

Thanks guys

Jamesh, was it you who sometime back said you preferred a “live”
sounding room…
Join in on this as well if you would please…

Yes, I much prefer a live room. I have added no room tunes or absorbers. Just some furniture, book cases, and a little rug to cover some of the hardwood. I have some big windows in my room and I never pull the blinds/curtains. The leaves are changing right now so I’d much prefer to look at them!

It’s a large space and the clap echo is quite present, but damn do I like it. Without some of the furniture, the echo was definitely aggressive, but now it’s tame enough to not be distracting. I’m certain some of the wisenheimer audiophiles would be annoyed with how live it sounds but dang am I happy with it!


You are right on there… I really like the lively type of sound…

Have you vere tinkered with LEDE? Live end where your speakers are placed and very lightly damped on listening side of your room?

Yep there are many a wisenheimer…myself as well sometimes :innocent:

I have not in my system at home. I’ve been in studios that were using this approach without knowing it was a developed way to get live sound. This was a number of years back when I didn’t pay attention to these types of details.

FWIW, I was in awe at the way the system sounded!

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In my 15 x 25 L shaped room I’ve been thinking of the possibility
of going to “wood floor” on the floor from about 1 foot in front of
my speaker (set out 8’ from wall behind) all the way back to the wall
behind my speakers…and carpeted from there on to the opposite wall.

It would be great to her from fellow a’philes who have experimented
and settled in on a preference and why they came to their happy

Jamesh I appreciate your input…keep it coming


Hi David,
To the best of my memory, quite a few speaker manufacturers clearly state that their speakers sound best in ordinary spaces. Normal floor coverings, normal drapes, and normal furniture. I chose Dynaudio for this reason.
Enjoy the music

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Serhan, …

My room could be described as simple ie standard floor carpet,
vertical window blinds with open space between my speakers,
listening spot and open space, clear wall behind my speakers…
just a low lying cabinet form gear…

To me this arrangement yields very nice results.

Yet I’m thinking a LEDE aspect of livening up the area in front of
and behind my tower speakers might give me more detail, ambiance
along with even better 3d quality…which there is plenty now…

Just thinking out loud …possibilities…

Ok but what is your listening space environment like ?

Have you tinkered with any mods to your room?

I relocated a few times because of work. So, from suspended timber floor, to fully carpeted, and now tiled floor. In my listening space, I have records, CDs and a few books. One canvas print behind the system and another behind the listening chair at about 5ft, otherwise both walls are bare. The room is 20L x 13W x 10H . The rack is about 3ft high and a bit wider than 3ft, but the gear does not fill it, so reflections from the wall behind them can reach me. No corners are left bare (corners have furniture) and the windows are draped, but I leave the drapes open and just pul the net curtains on the windows. I have a rug that covers 60% of floor area. No TV in the listening room. That’s all I can think of.

Thanks Serhan,
Is there a sound quality your room gives that you like…or
would like to improve on…?

The room acoustics seem very good to me in terms of frequency balance and sound stage. I wish I could move the rack away to get more sound stage depth, but that would be long speaker cables and power cables and that is not on the table now. Having a second look as I type, I think I have, inadvertently, created a live area under and behind the speakers (tiles) and placed the carpet close the wall on the listening side.

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Your rug covers 60% of the floor area…would this be in front of the speakers? What about the floor area under and behind your speakers?
What type of flooring do you have there?

You touched on something here the, viability of making a change
I have been thinking of as well…moving my equipment cabinet

Moving my equipment low lying cabinet elsewhere as well similar to what you would encounter except that my amp would remain on it’s
amp stand on the floor between my Arias, but would need longer
power cables.

My room already yields great results to my ears…just a curious
mind at work here…

Thanks Serhan

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If the room is large enough, the live end reflections do not distract the brain as there has been sufficient delay* to be able to separate direct from the reflected sound. Bear in mind LEDE was about sitting more in the dead area near the front rather than at the back of the room in the live area (as then of course the delay is too short and the brain can’t separate direct from reflections). Once we are into enhancing the basic sound with room reflections though, it’s a whole different game.

Edit - * 20ms delay comes to mind, so 10 feet each way from the “live” walls.


Hi David,
The rug is in front of the speakers. The speakers stand on bare tiles, baffle is about 3ft from the bare wall. Floor is bare tiles to the right and left of speakers. So that livens the sound a bit. The most important aspect of the room is that it allows for fatigue free listening. I have other rooms that are more alive, they sound cool, but after a long session, I get tired.

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The LEDE siting in the “dead” area is what I had in mind as well
Appreciate your input

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Serhan I was thinking the along the same line …whether I can
achieve a more lively but non fatiguing sound…

This of course would necessitate removing carpeting and applying flooring or tile…and once done…would be stuck with it for some time.

As folks chime in their experiences with their listening rooms,
I get better sense of which way to go on this …if at all…


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Joma since I sit 15’ from my speakers (I much prefer the
acoustic panorama than sitting closer) so being further than 10’
from the wall behind and adjacent to my speakers…I don’t think
reflections are a problem…

You are right about it being a whole other ball game when
tuning a room is considered…

If you can tune a piano…can you tuna fish?

Thanks Joma

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As if I uttered these words myself… :grinning:

I have a similar room, James. My prior room was highly treated. When I first moved into my current home, I was very concerned with the new music space as it was very live with a similar clap echo presence. Like you, I outfitted the space with a large rug, soft furniture, decorative wall treatments etc, and now I truly love the sound. Far more exciting than my prior room with regard to realism and dynamics. It also helps that my ceilings are 18 ft high so I am not getting the bad ceiling reflections I was with my previous room. It is live, but tamed just enough to retain the great qualities of the space without its liveliness being at odds with the enjoyment.


I’m jealous. That’s the very first thing I would fix if I could. Trying to build up in Boulder will cost you more than an arm and a leg.