The Study


BVjs1JT.jpgFinally completed the transition of the Study in my home, to a listening room. Added heavyweight curtains, acoustic panels on the ceiling, etc.

System is comprised of:

B&W 805 D3’s, McIntosh C47, MT-5 with SoundSmith MIMC STAR cart, MC275, PS Audio P5, BlueSound NODE2, Sumiko S5 sub, and various Audioquest/PS Audio cables.

Also, the room is accented with original art from various artists :slight_smile: I am “losing” hours a day to this room, and am super grateful for it! LOVING vinyl, again. Thanks for sharing in my excitement :slight_smile:


Looks as nice as I imagine it sounds!


That looks great, @wired1! We have some similar components, BTW. I have the MC205 with B&W 804s and Soudsmith MIMC Star cart! I’m curious about your thoughts on the SS cart. I absolutely love mine. Big love.


@amgradmd I LOVE the SoundSmith cart. For me, aside from the fact that the sound signature is exactly what I want from a cart, and the design is fantastic, it hits a price point that makes it hard to ever upgrade; and that is a good thing, to me! It has SO much value, punches SO far above its weight class, that I can’t see doing anything other than rebuilding/retipping it in the future. Awesome product. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more! Ever since I got the MIMC Star, I haven’t looked at another cart or read so much as a review. For me, that’s saying something! BTW, I also feel the same way about my Gold Note PH-10 phono stage which is absolutely amazing.


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@amgradmd and @wired1 - did either of you have the non-star MIMC prior to getting the Star? I’ve wondered if it was worth the upgrade. I also am very happy with my Soundsmith.


No Beef. This is my first Soundsmith MIMC. I couldn’t tell you about how much better it is. I know it’s not an apples to apples comparison, but if you like I could dropbox you some ripped vinyl to get a feel for how the cart sounds so you could judge yourself. Not to mention my TT and phono stage, or course.wink


Same. First SoundSmith cart. I love it, though. The jump I made was HUGE, too. Went from a Sumiko EVO III MM, to this. Not a small upgrade, so that is part of the WOW factor; a major upgrade vs an incremental one… Love this cart, though. :slight_smile:


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