Anyone know how to rip HDCD/HQCD's for streaming


I have a collection of Asian CD’s which include many that are HDCD and HQCD which are 24 bit files, but with DMP, it only plays as 16bit files. I’m trying to find a way to rip these as wav/flac files that capture the full 24 bits and see if I obtain higher resolutions playback thru the bridge II and DSD vs the DMP-DSD combo.

I have Jrivers and DBPoweramp which only rips HDCD and HQCD as 16bit files. If anyone knows of some other tool/method, would love to hear it.



dBpoweramp rips HDCD’s as 24-bit files if you download and install the DSP Effects add-on and turn on the HDCD effect.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try!!

As far as I know HQCD are just 16 bit cds. . . .Unless they are the most recent UHQCD / MQA encoded discs.