Anyone successfully using the bridge II with Audirvana on the Mac Platform?

I’m using the 3.5 beta with the latest Mac OS and i can stream via USB to the DSJ but via ethernet does not work UNLESS i change settings to mode 1 and deactivate upsampling. I have asked A+ about this…

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Audirvana is a good product and great to hear Paul and PS Audio recommend the software’s use via USB on Paul’s latest Youtube vlog. Regretfully Audirvana’s UPnP/DLNA feature does not function properly with PS Audio’s Bridge II. A great shame for those who have invested in the Bridge II card which is sonically better than USB. Given PS Audio has recommended and promoted Audirvana, it would be greatly appreciated if Audirvana and PS Audio collaborated to make the UPnP/DLNA function work properly with the Bridge II. So come Paul and Audirvana - please work together and sort out the UPnP/DLNA functionality!!!

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I am not sure what you mean when you say it does not work with the Bridge through DLNA. Are you referring to their iPad app? That’s is not DLNA and works only with the program on a computer.

Hi Paul. I also had problems using Audirvana Plus with the Bridge II. I believe @Tazza is referring to running Audirvana Plus on a computer that is not connected to the DS via USB but which is on the same network as the Bridge II. The Bridge II shows in Audirvana Plus as an optional destination to which to stream, but the two do not work well together (at least they didn’t when I tried the tandem). The Audirvana Plus developer is sometimes quick to blame other companies for these sorts of incompatibilities. His mantra is: “Get your hardware manufacturer to fix its DLNA implementation and Audirvana Plus will work fine.”

I have no opinion on where the fault lies for the apparent incompatibility between Audirvana Plus and the Bridge II. I do recall that it was incredibly frustrating – and ultimately a massive waste of time – trying to get them to work together properly.

Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out on this. I am referring to the Audirvana Mac OS app, not the iPad control. The Mac OS app has options to select the output device it plays to. When using Audirvana with a Directstream DAC there are two options available. The first is USB, usitilising the PS Audio USB Audio 2.0 interface; the other option communicates with the Bridge II. I understand that the latter option communicates using UPnP/DNLA. Clearly you must be using the USB option in your set up. This works perfectly.

However, the Bridge II option has some issues. Firstly, the bar indicating the song duration and time left fails to work. Also, and more importantly, any ‘playlist’, be that an album or actual playlist, fails to work at all. Only the first track plays and any subsequent tracks don’t play. These bugs spoil what is a great experience. Perhaps the UPnP/DNLA code needs to be reviewed and rewritten. I accept that’s a matter for Audirvana but perhaps you could assist them?

If Audirvana could ‘talk’ properly to the Directstream Bridge II as it does to the unit via USB it would be the optimum use of your superb DAC and Audirvana, which by your own admission is a pretty sassy App.

I hope this makes sense. I’m happy to provide more info if it helps resolve the issue.

All the best.

I concur, Audirvana does not work well with the Bridge and Damien, the developer (, is happy to help PS Audio fix the issue. That said, to me USB sounds better than the Bridge II anyway.

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, it would be on the Audirvana side. I will reach out to the developer and see if he’s up for any changes. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I have reached out to Damien to see if he can help.


Great. Many thanks Paul.

Thanks Paul! I believe Damien is at the Munich show right now, hopefully he’ll respond when he’s able.

Hi Paul

Hope all is well with you.

Any news from Damien at Audirvana regarding the UPnP/DNLA issue with the Directstream?

Many thanks


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I’ve been trying to use Audirvana/bridge again, after giving up on it last year.
In its favor, it works, mostly. Also on the plus side is that it can sound noticeably better than Roon. It is, however still quite buggy, and the worst UI I’ve seen in a music player in years.
Also against it, I’ve been trying to use it as DLNA controller, with an Android tablet and apps that bypass android’s audio to sent hi-res music to USB, all so I can use a Matrix magic box from USB to spdif.
I’ve been trying to use Audirvana with USC Audio Player Pro, and with Neutron. Both have issues.
With UAPP, the volume slider doesn’t work, and after playing for a few minutes it suddenly blasts out white noise instead of music.
Neutron, OTOH, besides massively ugly, actually does play. Still working on reliability of that, but it sounds good.
So far, some progress, and a lot of wasted time on this.

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Even though it sounds slightly better than Roon, I’m abandoning Audirvana 3.5 again, due to its limitations of 1000 tracks/playlist and the still-horrid UI. To their credit, it does play to the Bridge now, but Roon is just too nice to use, so…

My configuration of the moment is with Roon Core running on my iMac, making it very convenient to skip a track or adjust volume. I’m using Roon Bridge via wifi to a dedicated MacBook, with USB to the DSD, and it seems to sound slightly better than Roon Core over Cat6 to the Bridge.

I’ve ordered a Matrix SPDIF convertor to at least get the best out of Roon.

While I’m critical of Roon in many ways, there is little doubt that its the most well programmed and functional music player on the market, especially when combined with HQPlayer. There’s no close second.

For me, A+ 3.5 sounds quite good, but the UI is very sluggish…

I know HQPlayer doesn’t support the Bridge 2, but does it support Roon Bridge?