Anyone successfully using the bridge II with Audirvana on the Mac Platform?


A song that sits on my hard drive, in my music library, and adding it to a preexisting play list and then the ability to shuffle that play list.

Ex. I want to add “Twist and Shout” saved on my hard drive and stored under “Please Please Me” to a playlist called “My Favorites” all from the remote iOS app. All music sits on the hard drive as part of my music library. Also, every now and then, I want to randomly shuffle the “My Favorites” playlist.



Ok, so just got home and looked at my Remote app by Audirvana. I cannot see where I can use the Remote app to do what you want to do. I am certain it can be done from the desktop application, but I can see where that would be impractical if you desktop/laptop is nowhere near where you listen.

I am no expert at Audirvana or the Remote app so probably best to reach out directly to them just to be sure. But, I cannot see how/where I would accomplish adding to a playlist. If I do happen to figure it out, Ill report back.


I’m currently waiting for the Post Office to deliver an iPod for use as a remote for my Auralic Aries G1, in order to use their Lightning DS control app rather than Bubble.
I’ll be curious to see how Lightning handles this issue, and I’d very much like an easy path to delete tracks from a playlist when one comes up that I don’t want to hear again - a thumbs-down button.


@amsco15 According to the Audirvana developer, this functionality will be part of the next software update for the Remote App.


I recently purchased, what was to be my “end-game” dac, a used DirectStream DAC with an installed Bridge II. I was particularly excited to continue the use of my long-term player software, Audirvana +, streaming over Ethernet to Bridge II. Now, I come to find out, as others have noted, that there are playback problems with my intended approach. I am having no problems using the USB connection, but I understand from many anecdotes that Ethernet is to be preferred to USB. It is very disappointing to be unable to enjoy the full SQ of which the DS is reportedly capable.

Audirvana contends the problem is with the DS UpnP (whatever that is) implementation. I could accept this disappointment if the DS performance would be impaired by UpnP implementation compatible with the Audirvana software. I will be grateful if someone can provide an explanation for this.

Any suggestions to wring the best performance out of the DS given the Audirvana/Ethernet route is a non-starter. Have I just thrown money down the drain on the Bridge II?


In short, yes. I ended up going USB with the Direcstream (which is an AWESOME dac). I purchased a Sonore Micorendu which connects via ethernet to my NAS storage, then feeds the DAC vis USB. You will need a linear power supply for it. I think that’s one of the cheapest ways to be able to continue to use Audirvana. However I will also say since then I’ve been exploring ROON and have come to really like it, so it doesn’t really matter. Roon sounds fantastic, just as good as Audirvana. So unless there’s a specific reason to use Audirvana, you might be like me and eventually ditch it. Initially I thought I really needed Audirvana but not so much anymore.


With the latest Bridge II update, it appears that it does finally play with Audirvana+.
At least it did this afternoon when I tried it for a few tracks playing Qobuz. I didn’t use it for any longer -term use.
I still find the UI opaque, and prefer Roon or Bubble.


Wow, that would be big news if it turns out to work generally, thanks for the heads up. I gave up on the A+/B-II combo a while ago but will try it again and report back here as to how it goes.


My DS dac/Bridge II have Snowmass installed and, as I noted, I have no problems streaming Audirvana+ through usb but suffer the same problems noted by others when trying to use Ethernet, so I think PS Audio has not yet solved this incompatibility. Others, who know more than I about such matters, have mentioned, it is anticipated that Bridge III and Octave introductions are to be expected at some unspecific point in time. I therefore suspect PS Audio has little incentive to resolve this matter.

While I sincerely appreciate the well-intentioned suggestions to improve the performance of the usb input, I must candidly admit the notion that a top tier dac, such as the DS, requires that I mothball my Bridge II and then spend additional hundreds of dollars strikes me as ludicrous.

I am certainly interested to learn of solutions using Mac compatible player software, especially those that work with Bridge II over Ethernet. This, of course, presumes the consensus opinion is that Ethernet via Bridge II is superior to the DS usb input. Help me craft a cost effective solution to streaming digital music. Thanks.


IMHO the only reason to use the Bridge instead of other attachments is if your player is physically distant from the DSD.
I’d plug an Android tablet directly into my DSD USB if there was any reliable remote-control app for Bubble or for Android.


@jstat Do you happen to have and Oppo player located near the DS? I am running Audirvana+ (via Mac Mini) via ethernet to my Oppo UDP-205 which then connects via digital coax to DS DAC. Sounds fantastic.


Your email brought tears to my eyes ( literally ). I have been so despondent about this whole affair. Ridiculous…over how many Audio Angels can dance on a pinhead.

You must be psychic! I have the 105 sitting next to DS. I had relegated it to transport duty, having replaced its former use as a dac by that of the DS. Thinking the most direct route between my mini and a dac is best, my brain did not let itself consider going thru the Oppo. Brilliant! I actually have a proper coax cable on order from Japan, which is thought to be the best connection for certain dacs ( Terminator, Metrum).

Thanks so very much.



Glad I could help @jstat. And for some peace of mind, I found that this method of delivery to be on par with the Sonore UltraRendu, which bested the Bridge II in my system.

Also, going through the Bridge II is technically NOT direct to the DS DAC. It is still an intermediary device, like the Sonore or Oppo. So, delivering via this route in lieu of the Bridge II is not adding an extra device. As a matter of fact, the Bridge II hardware is not manufactured by PS Audio, but rather ConversDigital. I put more faith in Oppo’s audio engineering than I do ConversDigital.

Just be sure to remove your Bridge II card as it is not necessary and only stands to add noise to the DS DAC.
@Bruce-in-philly impression of removing the card: Remove Bridge from Senior - Better Sound?

Like you, I am a huge fan of Audirvana+ and chose not to be without its splendor.


Thank you, JeffofArabica.
As you suggested, the Mini through Intona to Oppo105 via usb and on the DS via coax has worked beautifully, far better than straight into DS via usb.


I am on an Audivarna+ trial and like the sound but it’s not that much better than McontrolHD and BII and would like to keep it but have some issues with it.
IMac runs A+ and it’s connected to the LAN via Ethernet Time capsule router and netgear switch distributes to the house. DSJ connected to the LAN via Ethernet.
When I select a cd from Tidal or my library A+ only plays the 1st song on the queue and it stops. The progress bar for the song doesn’t work 99% of the time either.
I read on A+ help forum and Damian says it is device issue. I would like to get the cd to play completely at least and keep A+ as it integrates with Tidal and Qobuz.
Any advice?
Thank you in advance


I recently tried A+ with B2 for a few minutes, and it played several songs in a row, which was a big improvement over my previous experience. The problem I always saw was exactly as you describe. I attribute the (possible) improvement to the latest Bridge firmware update.

If it still doesn’t work for you with the latest firmware, keep your money and use BubbleUPnP instead - it also integrates Tidal and Qobuz.

BTW, it’s worth noting that A+ isn’t the only SW that has issues with the Bridge. Qobuz’ Beta DLNA support won’t play thru it either.


For what it’s worth, I’m convinced that the Bridge doesn’t come close to following the DLNA standards. To get it to work in JRiver, you have to enable every DLNA exception. Been posting about it for sometime, hasn’t been fixed yet. I try with every new bridge release.

I’d like to see PSA start to really pay attention to software issues here. It would make them better when the time arrives to release, and trouble shoot, Octave.



Are you aware of these control issues with Bridge II . Many users have complain of issues with The Bridge particularity with Audirvana .

I am in touch with James in sales at PSAudio, he is trying to get a response out of engineering.

It looks like PS audio dropped the ball on this issue, can you check into this and see what can be done to fix this?



We are aware of a few of them, yes, and we’ve been unsuccessful at getting Converse to fix them which is why we recommend instead MConnect for the control app. I know it’s not as good looking nor easy to use as Audirvana but it does seem to work without glitches.

One of the reasons we are investing so much into the upcoming Octave ecosystem is so we can eventually build our own Bridge that we can control and not have to rely upon a third party vendor as we do with the Bridge II.


thanks much