Bridge II support for Qobuz?


Paul, is there any chance that the next release of BII software would improve support so it would adhere to current DLNA standards, to play direct from the Qobuz application, or reliably play anything from Audirvana? Both of these vendors have blamed DAC vendors for not working with their DLNA apps…

I’m not all that thrilled with Tidal, as their selection of Jazz is very small.

I have a Sublime Qobuz subscription, and play it thru Audirvana and Bubble, but I’d really prefer to run the native Qobuz application on my iMac and drop Tidal entirely.

Is there any hope for Qobuz support, or have you had any contact about this with Audirvana?


+1 It would be great if Audirvana Plus v3 would work with the Bridge II.


Audirvana 3 technically does “work”, i.e. plays music to the DSD, but breaks frequently.
If you do get it to start playing a playlist (about one in five tries), it will continue, but the other four times it plays one track then stops.
The author blames the DAC manufacturers, and says he will even work with the vendors and tell them exactly what needs to be changed.


Just in case :unamused: …one can use the native Qobuz app/GUI shared with BubbleUPnP. Although not quite ‘the way it ought to work’ it really is a good functioning workaround;


The Qobuz native apps will be fixing their UPnP support by the time of the US launch. So you should be able to play direct from the Qobuz apps to the Bridge II once they fix it.

Also it appears Qobuz is coming to Roon (and the Bridge II is a Roon endpoint).


That is great news. I find Roon reliable, and it sounds good these days, but I really want to drop Tidal. I’ve been trying to use Audirvana as a Mac-based alternative to Bubble.


I agree - it’s SQ is not the same as 18 months ago. I’ve always prefered Audirvana in SQ until the last 6 months or so.

And after using different servers for Roon (on an iMac, Windows Machine, Linux on a PC), I found SQ is best with their ROCK DIY option on an Intel NUC, where they control the entire operating system and all processes (it runs Roon OS).

For those that don’t want to do DIY, their fanless Nucleus and Nucleus Plus are the options to go for.


When we launch Octave we will certainly support Qobuz and have already negotiated terms and are working on it. I see Qobuz as being our mainstay for streaming and Tidal a distant second. We will likely offer DLNA support if we can easily do it but that too will be a distant cousin of what we want to accomplish.


I was hoping for better DLNA support in Bridge 2…