Anyone tried the newer PSVANE Art Series tubes?

Just curious what are the differences, if any, between the stock BHK Pre tubes

I buy from VIva. They’re good. However, I only bought Gold Lion 12AU7, which transformed my listening.

Hello Serhan, Can you post what you like about the Gold Lion over the stock tubes? I also have changed the tubes in my BHK to Brimar 4003 NOS which sound great to my ears! I was debating about upgrading the PS Vanes in my M1200s but they only have been in the system for 3 weeks.

Hi @paul172
Adding Gold Lion 12AU7 to BHK preamp significantly enhanced clarity across the audio band especially the mids and highs. The result was clearer instrumental and vocal positioning, delineation and believability. Sorry, not well versed in the domain.


Sounds good thanks! I switched to the Brimar CV4003 and had similar results! Improvements across the spectrum! Some reviews complained that they were to bright for their own system I have not had the issue with mine. Female vocals sound as if they are in my listening room!

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Until…you try the Telefunken 12au7 or 12au7 triple mica Ecc 802… :innocent: :grin:

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what would be a good 12au7 tube to warm up the sound a tad without muffling too much?

That has been what I have experienced using Amperex 12AU7 in another component (I don’t have PS Audio preamp or amp.)


Sorry, I’m not laughing at you but about what you said because I believe that you’re right.

There are some quite excellent current production tubes both of the small signal and output varieties. And one may live quite happily, and rightfully so, with them. That having been said, there are no, in my experience, equivalents to old stock Telefunken, Tung-Sol, Genalex, Mullard, Amperex, etc.

I don’t believe any current production tubes match them. Just my personal prejudice and obviously just my 2¢.

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It’s unfortunate but I have to agree. They sure don’t make them like they used to.

I ordered a set of the Art series 12AU7 and received today a set that have values on the boxes that are ~17% different. So much for matched. And as expected they make a ton of noise in the BHK. Swapped left/right, no change. Going back.

Pop in a set of 63 year old 5184wa and bam, sweet music with no noise.

I’m not sure how Vivatubes can think these are matched. I await their response.

Update: Heard from Vivatubes. The two values with decimal are the triodes and the non-matching is transconductance. Apparently my pre does not like this set. Prepaid label for refund sent NBD by vivatubes.

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I am not getting matched out of those.

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Sorry to hear that!

I do not use a BHK but I settled on Siemens 5814a on the output of my Concert Fidelity preamp and they are very, very nice sounding

Airy & dynamic but not “clinical” you may want to give them a try. The 12au7’s on the output of this particular preamp can alter and shape the sound a great deal

I’ve tried many variants of the 12au7 and to my ears the Siemens are on par with a very costly nos pair of bugle boys


Those are fine tubes and they command quite the pretty penny too. Some of the US-made NOS 5814 are much more affordable.

I ordered 12AU7 from PS Audio and got this new Psvane 12AU7-S. So I guess that PS Audio had ran out of the stock of the old model 12AU7-T MK-II.
Haven’t tried the new model yet so I don’t know how it sounds. (I own BHK Pre and M1200s)

Psvane 12AU7-T MK-II (left) and 12AU7-S (right). It looks like construction is simplified (less parts) for the new model.

Psvane (pronounced as ‘Pavane’) (owned and produced by Psvane Audio)

Just curious, did they come in the nice Psvane tube boxes?

No, they were in the small boxes. Along with the other stuff.

Sylvania Gokd Brand black plates

Interesting, the pair I received today have 2 values for each tube (that aren’t close to each other). See my post a couple above yours.

Are they from Vivatubes?