Psvane tubes replacement for BHK Signature Pleamplifier?


I have BHK Signature Pleamplifier with factory installed Psvane 12AU7-TII tubes for several years.

Can I replace them with the Psvane 12AU7-S tubes?
Or 12AU7-TII’s are the best choice for BHK Preamp?


See this: Grant Fidelity dropping PSVANE Tubes this weekend

I recommend something else than PSvane,I bought a pair of new S-art series and they sounded good at first,but now they got noisy and I had to get them out of BHK. Many others have had quality issues with them too.

I’ve had a S set of the PSvanes in my BHK preamp since mid-December and I’ve quite liked them. I think they are a bit better than the T series. I’ve been working at home since mid-Jan due to the lockdown in Ontario and have been running the stereo at least 10 hours a day and the S tubes have been operating perfectly.

I don’t have anything against the Psvane tubes but I switched to the Brimar CV 4003 NOS tubes. I prefer their sound over the stock Psvane.

Check out this link for much discussion on this topic!


I like the Gold Lions over the PSVANE’s.


I would not use anything other than these @$70.40 a matched pair!

I concur

Thanks for posting. Ever had any issues buying from them? Their prices are lower than a couple of other places I checked. May have to place an order.

The first pair I got from them passed 1500 hours and still going perfectly. I ordered two additional matched pairs as spares. They sell on Amazon too, which could give you a money-back guarantee, but Amazon would probably add a margin.
Edit: they’re based in Easthampton, MA.

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I just ordered the same from VacuumTubeValue.
Supposed to be platinum (?) matched, gold pin, etc.
I have always had Gold Lion in the BHK but NOS has always intrigued me.

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When I briefly dabbled in valves I was advised that Gold Lion were the best balance between quality and price. I was advised that if you want the best, this brand was worth looking at. The people who make very good turntables.

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This is what to expect from Viva Tubes, and I appreciate these measurements for being absolutely honest.

Edit: checked VcuumTbeValves and they’re even less expensive! Interesting.

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Supplier out of stock. Also, the heat sink will be tricky in the limited space available in the BHK. Edit: now priced at $225 is that each? $450 vs. $75 for a consumable :grin:

Yup, and free shipping as well.

Don’t forget NOS tubes. My pair of NOS 1963 Telefunken 12AU7s are in my desert island stash. You aren’t restricted to new production tubes to replace the stock Psvanes!

Yeah, cause those in particular are so readily available and cheap too! :wink:

Just got the Gold Lions in the BHK, replacing PSvanes. Initial impressions are good, everything just better. Will report if they change with age.


New production Gold Lions?

I think so. Advertised as such, matched, gold pin, but I see no indication on the box. Hmm.

I was always curious how the Gold Lions would sound. I know they are the brand used in the BHK amplifiers. Thank you