Apple to Oppo via HDMI won't play DS64 files in multichannel

I’m sorry. I’m new here. This was probably posted on the wrong forum.

I am using a HDD via USB to an Apple mini on which I have Audivarna. From the Apple I go to the Oppo 105 via HDMI. In Audivara I can see that multichannel is possible. I use the Oppo’s analog outputs to my power amps.

Stereo works fine but multichannel (5.1) doesn’t. I hear sound that is the wrong sample rate. (I get Stereo fine also using the USB DAC input.)

I’m not sure using this set up will allow me to get multichannel out of the Oppo. SACD plays fine as do DVD-A.

Perhaps some setting that I don’t know.

Any advice is very welcome.


I can’t be of much help here other than telling you how I go about getting getting true DSD 2.8MHz/5.1ch playback using Sony equipment. I want to try Audirvana’s 30 day trial for my PC one day. For now I use my Sony UBP-X1000ES/Sony STR-N1080 combo that feeds my SGCD via true balanced XLR’s that I hacked out of the 1080. My PC’s USB goes direct (for now) into the SGCD.

While I’m no expert on Oppo, I don’t think they support 5.1 DSD via USB. At best you could get away with Foobar2000 (I’m a Windows 10 Guy), and maybe get 176.4kHz/24Bit PCM when playing 5.1 DSD files. I used to do this with my Marantz SR5011. Not a great solution but it worked in 5.1.

I rarely use my PC’s USB output for playback via my Stellar Stack. I do stream everything PCM based using my X1000ES’ coax S/PDIF feeding my SGCD which I hear a more full bodied audio as compared to the USB input (not a fault of the SGCD’s DAC - I blame my fanless PC’s USB circuitry). The USB input of both Sony devices supports true DSD 5.1 playback over HDMI interconnected between the two.

It’s a “poorman’s true DSD” playback system (the X1000ES supports up to 11.2MHz 2.0 channel playback via it’s internal DAC).

When you say you attempt to play multichannel, what files are you using? In other words, what is the source of 5.1 multi-channel that you are attempting?

Thanks for a response. I’m sorry I forgot that vital piece of information.

I’m trying to play DSD64 files.

OPPO 105 does not play 5.1 via USB. I’m trying to get DSD64 files to play through HDMI.

DSD64 does not determine the recording. Were the DSD64 files recorded in Mulit-Channel? If not recorded in multi-channel (VERY few recordings are), the Oppo will not output in multi-channel.

DSD64 played stereo just fine but the recording was 7.1.


Thanks so much for engaging this subject. It may be insolvable.

The files are 7.1 DSD64. I bought this recording from NativeDSD. They come off of an Apple mini via HDMI. I can hear the music but it’s at the wrong bit rate I suspect. It’s extremely slowed down. However I can’t seem to fix that. In Audivarna it says that the file is DSD64 7.1.


In the Oppo 105 settings, have you tried setting the HDMI audio to “LPCM?”

This in done through the following setting path:

Audio Format Setup > HDMI Audio > LPCM


It was set on auto. Changed to LPCM all to no avail.

There is a setting in the MIDI settings in the OS to change the bit rate but it won’t stay changed.

I do hear audio but it sounds like a very slowed down track on a tape. Slid an low.

Thank you for your input.


Hi Jeff,

I found it. I thought that you might like to know.

In order to play multitrack DSD64 files on an Oppo 103 or 105 you plug a USB HDD directly into the USB 1,2 or on Front. No computer, no software. Not convenient but it can work.

I can play DSD64 stereo files using Audivarna, The normal way.

Thanks for all of your input.


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