DSD out on OPPO Via HDMI

The latest Copper magazine article on this made me think I should look for more info on this. I have a BDP105 and the manual claims that it outputs pure DSD on the HCMI output to an external dac. Now so far that seems to leave me with the best choice will be the Bryston that has HDMI inputs and accepts DSD that way. The HDMI to Is2 box in the article seems to open up my options. Any experience or thoughts on this out there?

Yes its called an HDMI Audio extractor. Find on ebay for less $100


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I have the same question with further details. Which resolution passes through and which box should I get?

I have an Oppo 203

I only had it for a short time. I ended up ripping all my SACDs and did not need and sold. To someone her I think. If you are spinning disks, they have limited resolution, so DSD64 and 192/24 I think for DVDA is most you will get. But I only confirmed an SACD went to my dac via the connector.

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OPPOMOD offers a I2S modification board, which is relatively easy to install, and will provide DSD output.

Also, GeerFab offers D.BOB (Digital Breakout Box) as a solution, specifically utilizing HDMI to Coax/Toslink, and extracting up to DSD64.

there was one of these for sale on the FB OPPO group just yesterday…it wont last long

Just ordered one from Oppomod before i saw your post.

Results soon!

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that is probably the best way. Only 1 cable, no extra box. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I’ve not read the article. I used to use my Denon home cinema receiver to decode the raw data over the HDMI output. That is quite different to setting the OPPO option to convert to PCM and send that. over HDMI If you send PCM then an audio extractor will extract the PCM. I’ve done that in order to get PCM data into a dac rather than sending raw dsd data to the Denon. If found the audio extractor to produce a rather ‘glassy’ sound as I suspect they don’t have good clocking. Also, some audio extractors require a TV to be connected in order to negotiate the data rates. I found one that lets the audio extractor to do the negotiation itself so there’s no need to have another HDMI cable going to a tv.
There may be audio extractors with much better clocking than mine but I don’t know of them. I’ve got an old OPPO DVD player plus a UDP203. I’ve not fiddled with SACDS for years now.

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