Apple TV plus

I’ve enjoyed a couple three of the programs they’ve debuted the service

For All Mankind and Dickinson so far…

Nice to have decent sound quality, including Atmos though I’m ‘only’ 5.2

I’m just starting “For all Mankind” tonight, I like the premise, quite a novel approach.

Excellent PQ also, the best PQ of all the streaming services IMO.

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Agreed. Perhaps a synergy with their device. If you have a monthly data cap, beware of 4K streaming…I set my devices to 1080p and let my display upscale and I can’t tell enough difference to warrant exceeding my cap. It’s close to 8x the data for 4k.

I have no choice with my old Apple TV. Upscaling 1080p to 4k works fine. But I can not compare to real 4k.