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Hi all!

OK, so I’m going to ask it. Has anyone tested the DSD yet with an Apple TV, since it is supposed to negate SQ differences between sources? Since 98% of my music is 16/44.1, for now I can handle that iTunes requires manual changing of resolution. There was some discussion about the little box at the DSD release, but not a whole lot more unless I’ve missed something. I’d love to trade up and be done for awhile!

Some background, as I bet I represent some portion of the PS Audio Community:

Although I am a tweak by nature, I’m at a spot in life right now (small kids, work, and feeble attempts to stay healthy in marriage and body) where major time investments are on hold.

I have been really happy with my PWD… as we know the SQ through the bridge with EMM was awesome. I just couldn’t handle all the fuss, and getting into the other software options is too tedious an option.

So for the last couple of years I have been using Apple TV through optical… although the sound is not as good, it works flawlessly, and I get nice big artwork on our TV. And, I don’t need my iPhone to use it, which means no work reminders, emails, and general exposure to the “adult” world when I leave it in the truck.

I do however, make time to check out this forum because you guys are awesome!



Hooking it up now, I’ll let you know.

OK, here’s the setup:

Using iTunes to play Indigo Girls from a CD on my MacBook Pro. I can A/B with a several second delay.

  1. Cheap WalMart USB cable

  2. Connected wirelessly to Apple TV with cheap TOSLINK cable

I’m hearing better spatial info and more dynamics with the USB configuration. It doesn’t seem to be a huge difference but some of the magic diminishes. I could not tell you at this point whether it is the wireless + Apple TV routing or TOSLINK vs USB. Based on what Ted has told us, it is probably the wireless etc…

Both sound pretty darned good. Even the Apple TV sounds better than the PWD II ever did with the Bridge!!

Hope that this helps.

Thanks! That helps a ton!

Mine is hard-wired so that might help too. Is the MacBook your normal set-up?

Thanks again!

Usual setup is a Windoz computer using eLyric, hardwired.

Guys, please note that Apple TV outputs at 48, whereas Airport Express at 44.1.

maybe no difference with DS, due to extreme upsampling.

Finally, stream Qobuz, at 16/44 from iphone or ipad to Airport Express, and you’ll have 17 million tunes at CD quality for $23 per month on the annual plan.

Both sound pretty darned good. Even the Apple TV sounds better than the PWD II ever did with the Bridge!!

Incredible can’t wait to test this…very surprised too.

wglenn said Usual setup is a Windoz computer using eLyric, hardwired.
Thanks! Did the Apple TV's SQ even come close to this set-up?

Well, I’m thinking no, but I did not directly compare the two. My server is heavily tweaked in the software arena. What I need to do is to reboot it in “normal” “busy” Windows mode and see if the two configurations sound different with the DS. That’ll be for another day…

Thanks wglenn! If you ever find the time for it, let us know.