Appreciation for the PS Audio Fora

This topic is a suggested place for all of you weary Web wanderers to express your gratitude for the oasis that are these civil, rational and always educational pages.

I’ll start:

Thank you Paul (leadership sets the tone).

Thank you Admins (a thankless and difficult role; the referees are never the most popular players on the field).

Thank you PS Audio associates, employees and fellow travelers (your passion, knowledge, willingness to share, and purposeful civility is very much appreciated).

Best regards,


I second all the above. I came here four years ago when I bought my first piece of PSA gear (a PWK Mk II with Bridge I). I stuck around because people are both helpful and civil – a rare combination. cool I was also impressed that Paul has a regular presence here.

As with all organizations, culture comes from the top. Paul deserves the credit.

Isn’t that more properly referred to as “the fish stinks from the head down?”

Thanks guys, but the community does all the work and that’s what it’s all about. I just provide the vehicle. Elk and the other community leaders are amazing. Truly.


Thanks to all who make this place possible. As noted above the civility is one major positive aspect of these forums, and the other big distinguishing characteristic is that the company representatives (including its founder!) are here and not only joining in the conversations but giving help and guidance. This is rare on internet forums!

I agree with the previous posts, particularly the input from the PS Audio family in assisting people with issues and knowledge sharing.

Keep up the great work.