Thank you Paul and company

Just wanted to express my gratitude and level of satisfaction with my fairly recent acquisition of PS Audio electronics. I’ll be honest, things started out a little rocky, and I was on the fence as to whether or not I made the right decision in the beginning. But Paul and PSA have gone above and beyond to make things right in every way. Beyond the great personal customer service I received, PSA has rolled out several Free firmware updates over the short period of time I’ve owned this gear, which have greatly enhanced the sound quality of my original purchase, and are equal in every way to expensive upgrades I’ve paid for in the past. I’m sitting hear now listening to my system, and I’m completely blown away with the level of sound quality I’ve been able to achieve.

One last thing worth mentioning, which I hadn’t anticipated when I became a PSA owner, is how great this forum and community are! The level of civility and helpfulness I’ve encountered here are unparalleled.