A big thank you

I’d just like to explicitly thank the wonderful members of the PS Audio community for all the knowledge, friendliness, and support!
From reading other audio forums, I wouldn’t expect the same response, this community holds itself together very coherently, no trolls to be seen, and even the most piquant subjects and questions usually get very informative response.

Thank you guys, the members here, and PS Audio staff who take time to pitch in at times!
Nowhere else have I learned this much, efficiently about this hobby or should I say, a field of science and research!
Love you guys. Thank you.


Well said!

Arenith…that is quite a compliment you gave the PS Audio forum…

Truly there are a number of audio related forums that ugly words
and judgments fly out of control for no founded reason at all.

Agree very much that PS Audio is a great forum. While there are
from time to time some passionate dissent…it does not get out of
control into ugliness. Elk will see to that.

Much of what you said in my .02 is the result of Elk’s careful
moderation of the forum.

Need to add a thank you to Elk as well!!

Way to go friend

Best wishes


Happy Cake Day @davida !


How about that…I plumb forgot…enjoying myself here…
shows how good this place is…

Thanks Elk!!


Yes I enthusiastically agree with the sentiments expressed here. I have to say that this has been the best (and most expensive!) forum I’ve even been a part of :slight_smile:

Great community. I find myself checking in once or twice a day.


Thanks! This was a very kind gesture and it made my day. I too would like to personally thank all on this forum. We certainly are an opinionated bunch but honestly, that’s what I love about us.



Here here, very well said and reciprocated.

I’ve learnt an enormous amount on this forum, and not just about audio, but about my own prejudices and how to be more open minded.

I really value you all for your efforts, thank you so much for the knowledge and kindness.


Yes, Many thanks to ALL here! Although I don’t contribute I do come here almost every day. I prefer to read, listen and learn.


I whole heartedly second all the great sentiments above! While much of the content is way above my grade, and much goes in one ear and out of any number of orifices, I do retain and use a lot of the wisdom shared here. Most of the content is of the highest class, and while some may bring out my native (is perhaps naïve?) sarcasm, I do value all that is shared.
Elk and James are true treasures, please don’t take their cherished parking spot/s away!


There are a bunch of really smart peeps that hang out here and aren’t afraid to share their knowledge. Pretty neat and greatly appreciated.




I look like a troll, but try not to act like one. :crazy_face:

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Big thanks to Ted Smith too. I’ll buy anything he designed! But this forum subscription fee is way up there for me. Advice: don’t search anything with “Dragon” in it.


This is truly the finest audio community online. I’m thrilled you found it. Welcome and don’t be afraid to ask anyone anything. People here don’t bite. Generally.

Mike in Dayton


You too huh? AND it gets more expensive every year.

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Yap, the only good thing is the new gears usually work out. Before I was just wasting money. Big thanks again!

Just stay away from Al . . . .


I’ll pile on and add my thanks and appreciation, too. For the degree of knowledge and expertise exhibited here (and all the money!), everyone is kind and welcoming, and as far as I’ve seen, open minded, whether about concepts or budgets. It’s by far the nicest audio forum I’ve ever seen.

The only negative I can mention is the effect it’s having on my bank balance. :wink:

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I agree with the sentiments all have expressed, this forum is a welcome respite from the nasty bickering that dominates so many audiophile websites. I can hardly stand to read Audiogon forums anymore because trolls and know-it-alls dominate or hijack nearly every discussion. Thanks to everyone for being respectful, sharing their opinions and knowledge, and maintaining a general sense of decorum. :+1: