Are high resolution systems more susceptible to, or revealing of fluctuating power conditions?

My previous system which was fairly decent, seemed to be less susceptible to, or revealing of, the quality of AC feeding it, than my new all PSA gear, DSD dac, DMP transport, BHK amp. I hear a bigger swing in SQ when listening during the day, then late at night, now, compared to before. How this flushes out is interesting. I could tolerate the SQ of my previous system during the day, when AC conditions were less than ideal. But now I’m struggling with the vast difference between less than ideal, and idea listening times. Late at night, I’m transported to a live event, with a well defined and expanse soundstage, and flesh and Bone performers before me. During the day those qualities are greatly diminished, to the point where I’m no longer drawn into the music.
I know the solution is getting a line conditioner or AC regenerator, but was just curious if others have noticed that as their system becomes more resolving, it also becomes more susceptible to or revealing of, the quality of AC feeding the system.

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Yes, and that’s in spite of better equipment usually having better power supplies.


A revealing system is like having an excellent sports car. With a typical car (which boringly smooths things out too much) the road conditions like bumps and holes will be “cushioned” over and not as irritating., but also giving you a less than exciting road feel when the road conditions are good in the evenings. If you are in the evenings getting excellent road feel? That shows you need something to make the road you’re on better in bad areas.

So, if you are getting such excellent sound from your system during evening hours? That reveals strong promise that investing in line conditioning makes you a good candidate. If you get an AC regenerator? In theory, your AC should be ideal any part of the day. The only bump in the road that keeps me from getting one is that they are too expensive for my budget.

I believe they’ll be a less expensive AC generator coming out, from the Stellar line. I look forward to checking that unit out.

We do, hopefully out this March.

Any specs available on the unit? Will it handle the BHK 250, DSD, DMP, and BHK preamp? Thanks.

It’ll be a 300 watt regenerator with a high current filtered output as well. I don’t think I would use the regenerated output for a BHK power amp but certainly a BHK preamp, DAC, etc.

So would the P12 be a better option if I wanted to plug everything in, including the BHK 250?

OK… not with a BHK power amp. But, what about with a Class D amp like the S300? Doesn’t Class D’s efficiency help in this case?