Power Conditioners...My experience

Just my two cents that may help someone on the fence.

I have a Dectet power conditioner and several AC3’s.

I was kind of perturbed when I heard Paul state, essentially, that power conditioners lower SQ “but not PS Audios Regenerator.”

I was like, WTF? Wish he would have told me that before I spent $500 of PS Audios power conditioner…) &%@&

Anyway I did some A/B today and this is what I found.

I took out the Dectet and plugged the AC3’s straight in to a plane Jane strip and then in to the wall. The sound was (easily noticeable) more detailed, yes, yet lost a bit of center Beef. Sounded great on Bormberg’s “Wood”, but not so great on Mahler no. 1 with Gergiev…no in your face boom…well the boom was there but it lost energy…no POP!’

I switched it back and yes more beef but noticeably less detail, less air. (DANG!)

I also tried both ways with stock cords. Loss of BEEF yes, more detail, no. Sounded cold.

So in my opinion, the dectet does dampen the sound but you get more meat…I may go straight in to the wall and adjuct my sub…then sell the dectet…Hey maybe Paul will buy it :frowning:

Paul, would you like to buy a Dectet in Mint condition at a good price? Let me know…

I wish I didnt hear Paul talking Sh** about conditioners…I would have been happier in ignorance I think…maybe not.

If anyone knows of a mod I can do on the dectet to open it up a bit.

Please let me know,


You know they let you try anything for 30 days and they pay shipping both ways?

“You know they let you try anything for 30 days and they pay shipping both ways?”

Not if you buy from a dealer as opposed to direct.

They suggested the dealer down the street from them since I had some equipment to sell as well.

As I remember it, I called PSA a week after I received the Dectet and asked about it, and was told, as far as I remember, that this policy was only on direct sales.




I am just giving my thoughts in the hopes someone may have a better decision making process. I hope this doesn’t balloon in to a big “I hate PSA thing”.

I love PSA, but hey, this is what I am going through today…so, you know.

I know in text, things can sound different reading them as opposed to writing them. So consider that as well I guess.


No worries. I didn’t read anything into it. We’re all allowed to rant a bit. I think that’s right, direct only for the eval. I bet they’ll give you full retail of the Dectet towards a regenerator and the eval time would still apply.

" I bet they’ll give you full retail of the Dectet towards a regenerator and the eval time would still apply."

If I spent $5,000 to $10,000 on a power regen I’d have to listen to it outside where all of my possessions would be when I got home :slight_smile:

But Hey, do you want a Dectet and one AC3?


At the end of the day I think I will keep the Dectet and try to erase my memory of Paul’s anti-conditioner talk.

But again, any mods to open-up the Dectet are appreciated.


I bought a used P10 some time ago that I’m very happy with. It was well South of the living outside with all my possessions threshold.

Try your test again as late as night as practical. You might find the Dectet has less negative impact.

I think the Dectet is a good device for what it is…and likely does less damage than most other ‘conditioners’ and provides real protection from surges and spikes, etc.

I’ve never owned one but doubt it could be improved significantly without spending silly money to do so.

Talk to the dealer you bought it from about your test. Tell them you’re not happy with it.

Can you try the Dectet without the plain Jane power strip? Maybe that the power strip is degrading the sound.

A misunderstanding…I did not use the plane Jane WITH the Dectet…only as a test after removing the Dectet.

But thank you…that would certainly have pointed to a problem.


Got it. Any way to test your equipment plugged directly into the wall without the power strip?
Might give you back the center Beef, along with being more detailed. Of course you would lose surge protection, but I’m just curious how the Dectet sounds compared to directly into the wall.

Good point but I don’t have enough outlets to do that…I could try an extension cord???

I will try that


You may benefit a bit from a dedicated line from your power panel.

you know what? My power cables just aren’t long enough to reach my outlets without out a bunch of extension cords, so Direct plug in w/out a strip is not possible .

So maybe my constraints make my decisions.

yes that would be great…then I could get a three plugs and be perfect…but I dont want to chop up my walls or ceiling.

I will think about it, maybe that is the answer



I think I will do the dedicated wire…Ill let you know how it goes.

And BTW I just thought of something…I use tube amps which are sorta dark anyway. May not have been so bad if it had been SS.

Less detail in the middle…muddled…

Don’t get me wrong it still sounds really good…which is why I never noticed it before.

I listen to symphony so I need detail for the strings and bangs for the bass drums.

I’ve decided to add a direct line with four outlets right behind the rig

Thanks buddy…I actually haidnt thought of it before you said it.


Definitely go for the dedicated circuit(s) but also give it some time. You may need to adjust to the sound without the distortion you’re used to hearing and the Dectet could use some current flowing through it for some hours/days, it may change.

Remember to get the PS Audio duplex outlets!

Glad I could help!